uh oh

Submitted by Griz on 03/20/2004 at 14:31. ( )

It hasn't been asked in ...like...three days and i don't want spoil the streak sooooo.....

What is pickling? Do i have to use salt?

There i kept the streak alive for now....

But seriously, i wanted to reiterate how much this site is appreciated. And all the people that make it what it is.
And the taxi-grammy goes to... drumroll please..... the forums! Yah! Yes thank you thank you I would like to thank my molding specialist- raven- for playing with mud as a kid and never really growing up. My fish specialist -cecil- for putting up with all the ignorant republican majority enough to shed some real insight once in a while. My deer specialist bill yox for answering those critical deer head questions. The bird brains which appear to be tony and mike. Our ebay monitor <>EARL<> Our general knowledge all-purpose guys george and JohnC. The guys who know the science of HOW it works like glen conley and bruce rittle. And most importantly KEN, he's the censor and moderator and boss and owner and all that good stuff. And the countless others whom it wouldn't be the same without... Vicki,DaveT,tenbears,superpig,TheRookie,marty,the pauls,jeanettehall,wetnwild,michelleb, and the countless others. If i forgot you i am truly sorry, just call my publicist and i will mention you the next time i'm on leno. ciao til next year

Im sorry guys but i am super bored this afternoon and needed to waste some time.

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How much salt?

This response submitted by Bruce Anderson on 03/20/2004 at 16:03. ( bruce@adventuretaxidermy.com )

Just kiddin' about the salt.
I agree with you about the forum. What a great tool for beginners and pros alike. I would like to see some of the work by the guys and gals who post answers to questions here. Some have photos in the taxi chat site,but I would like to see the credintails (so to speak) of the others. Most of the answers are correct of course and we all have different ways of doing things. That's what makes this forum go great. Keep up the good work!

Your Right

This response submitted by Paul I on 03/20/2004 at 17:24. ( paulblastoatyahoo.com )

Your right on the money Griz.I read alot about fish mounting now as Im getting closer to spring.The good thing is I have been on here long enough not to ask the silly questions.But I learn and take notes when the debates happen and pick up alot of info.I also like reading about what the artists have to say.I find the taxidermists to be a interesting group of people.In general they are above average in many ways. Thanks for posting.

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