Taxidermy Is a womens Job

Submitted by unknown on 03/23/2004 at 10:30. ( )

Taxidermy Is a womens Job and should be respected has such
The women will get more business then the men taxidermist do?

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This response submitted by Leanna on 03/23/2004 at 10:37. ( )

You ARE unknown, aren't you.


This response submitted by yasmine on 03/23/2004 at 10:38. ( )

why should taxidermy be a women's job ? I think it's a job for both men and women !

I don't get it..

This response submitted by Mick on 03/23/2004 at 10:46. ( )

I fail to see how a persons artistic abilities, understanding and appreciation of all God's creatures, and their ability to operate a business, could possibly be affected by what they have, or don't have, swinging between their legs.The only connection I could possibly see, is that many women look far better performing the craft, than do most men.

Sub contracting

This response submitted by anonymous on 03/23/2004 at 10:49. ( )

I figure the more women that get into It
the more sub contracting

First posters

This response submitted by unknown on 03/23/2004 at 10:57. ( )

I bet the first posters all work for WASCO

Good mounts by woman--------ALL RIGHT !

This response submitted by Mr Kim on 03/23/2004 at 11:00. ( )

I can't resist this .........

Any WOMAN that can give a excellent "mount" for a reasonable price, has my vote! Of course, attention to detail will always satisfy the customers......

I can't resist either.......

This response submitted by Vic on 03/23/2004 at 11:17. ( )

Mr. Kim, so sorry you have to pay for an excellent asked for it!
Unknown- So you applied for a job with WASCO and a women got it instead?
Have a man and women stand in the driveway during deer season. Most of the time when a person stops looking for a taxidermist, who do they walk to?........the man


This response submitted by unknown on 03/23/2004 at 11:46. ( )

I might be inclined to give the job to who I figured needed
the money the most and experience...after all relationships
are better then having a perfectly mounted deer head I figure
Thats the way I see it!

Thats Balognia

This response submitted by anonymous on 03/23/2004 at 11:49. ( )

Vic thats balognia If they know the women Is a taxidermist
the situation will be differant...It's just that most figure the man
Is the taxidermist


This response submitted by Vic on 03/23/2004 at 11:57. ( )

what i'm saying! Everyone assumes it's the man. So you did apply for a job at WASCO then? You didn't say that was "balognia". Off to paint, have a great day. You seem so angry, am I helping?

Vic is right

This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 03/23/2004 at 12:23. ( )

I am the taxidermist, my name is on the cards. My pics with awards are on the wall. My name is on the ads. I'm the one in the newspaper every so often (actually, they did a story on me once, showing me mounting a duck that had hit an Air Evac helicopter, and I had 3 big color pics on the front page, ALL of the back page in black in white, and half of page 5!)

Guess what? People STILL come to pick up a mount and say, "He did a great job." (Refering to my hubby.) Or, they'll call and ask to talk to him. Most of the time, I politely tell them, "Actually, I'm the taxidermist." Sometimes, they give me a look like, "SURE you are...."


If she wears

This response submitted by Alex on 03/23/2004 at 12:56. ( )

a thong ,she will get even more work, I lke to see some of you guys in a thong,ha ha ha LOL

Vicki I feel your pain

This response submitted by Sandy S. on 03/23/2004 at 13:15. ( )

I get the same thing. I went to a show a few months back and automatically everyone approached my husband, even though a female name is on my card....but the best was yet to come! I had one of those people come from the show to my house. He knocked on the door, "Excuse me maa'm, is your dad the taxidermist here?" I almost peed my pants! Not only is my husband automatically considered the taxidermist, but I suppose he passes for my Dad! Well, maybe it isn't that funny....Geez, I hope he don't see this post! Have a great day!

He's Baack...

This response submitted by busted on 03/23/2004 at 13:54. ( )

Not so anonmymous anymore. I knew who "anonymous" and "unknown" sounded like, so I did a search on 64.201 and guess what? It's our canadian friend "las", a.k.a. sparrow, wheelman, the man along the sk. river, chip, rock_dove, bunkhouse boy, and several other names he has used in the past.
He has been absent from the forum since january after a big argument from: "All we need Is one forum" by las on 01/16/2004.

Right on Vicki

This response submitted by Superpig on 03/23/2004 at 14:48. ( )

same story in my shop. Everybody assumes Mike does the all the work and I just stand idly by and look pretty. There is still a lot of stereotyping going on in the field of hunting as well as taxidermy. But at least my husband sets everyone straight right from the start and tells them: "You want to talk to someone who knows what they are doing then you need to talk to my wife."


This response submitted by unknown on 03/23/2004 at 15:54. ( )

women don't let everything rott In the deep freeze
nor do they crack out the bottle and brag nor blame the
deep freeze when it breaks down plum full and wonder what happened?


This response submitted by Big Dog on 03/23/2004 at 17:03. ( )

My wife and i are BOTH taxidermists and sometimes i wonder if she is better than me! She has small hands and she is really good at sewing but then again she cant position a deer hide on a mount very good, what i am trying to say is that a taxidermist shouldnt be judged by their gender, they should be judged by their skill.

On being a female taxidermist

This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 03/23/2004 at 18:33. ( )

Sandy: Hey, that can be taken as a compliment! Think of it as how YOUNG you look compared to him! LOL!

SP: Sounds like you have your hubby well trained! How did you do it? A shock collar? Or a cattle prod? ;)

Big Dog: You have to WONDER? (Just kidding! LOL!)

Vic...that was good! I can't resist...#2

This response submitted by Mr KIM on 03/23/2004 at 21:00. ( )

I can't resist...... #2

Taxidermy work is important regardless of the artist.
Over "a long duration" the "deeper" things are important on at least "three" mounts at any time. After that, working on "various mounts" the rest of the day is enjoyable. And it takes "all day" to give a quality, lasting and very "satisfying" experience in mounting.
I always do my best and satisfaction is the key to a quality job.


Wait a minute now

This response submitted by George on 03/23/2004 at 22:11. ( )

Before you all get your shorts in a wad, let's look at the statement by Vic. Though true, I want to ask you about several OTHER professions. When you walk into a hospital needing a nurse and a guy and girl are standing there, which one do you approach. If you need a priest in similar circumstances, which one. Cab driver? Florist? Beautician? Mortician? Chef? Welder? Doctor? CHEERLEADER? Football player? Gymnist? Ballet performer? Vocalist? Psychiatrist? Homemaker?

Lots of words have associations that don't ALWAYS play out, so using that as an example is pretty weak when you think about it.

I got one

This response submitted by Tootsie on 03/24/2004 at 03:57. ( )

how bout a crossdressing Taxidermist? The best of both talents.LoL

Like the one on ebay, Tootsie?

This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 03/24/2004 at 09:52. ( )

Like the one we've been seeing on eBay, Tootsie?

Vicki, exACTly!

This response submitted by Leanna on 03/24/2004 at 11:48. ( )

I find it fun, when the customer starts asking my husband (who is usually out in the shop, on weekends) questions on mounts and poses, I find it fun to stay silent long enough for HIM to tell them "SHE'S the TAXIDERMIST!" It sets them back to just the right

It doesn't offend me, people always resort to old school thinking, which is good sometimes.

Vicki, Sandy and Superpig (and calling all other "chicks") You gotta admit, it is a bit fun when our mostly male customers "wish they could find a girl like you" isn't it? A wife who "lets" them go hunting, hunts with them, and does TAXIDERMY TOO?! Us girl taxidermists are SUCH dreamboats! Just ask my husband. Well maybe you shouldn't ask him.....roflmao He may not agree with the dreamboat part... I need to remind him what a dreamboat I really am....ha ha ha

I still think "unknown" up there who started this posting should stay unknown though.

Pretty weak

This response submitted by Vic on 03/24/2004 at 13:57. ( )

sorry George I'll try harder next time. I'm from "the old school" for most things but not this. When i'm in the ER or hospital, I look at the name tag. If I see a man and women in a semi, I assume they are a team, ect. Unfortunatly, there is still alot of stereo-typing and all I can say is we sure had some fun with this one!


This response submitted by ETCC on 03/25/2004 at 13:11. ( )

LOLA 81-Years Young...Founder of NTA.

Gender Prejudice

This response submitted by Carol on 03/31/2004 at 10:23. ( )

As a woman who has hunted (bow, shotgun, and blackpowder)and fished all my life I have run into quite a mixed bag of reactions to my gender and from my gender as well. Some of my toughest critics have been other women, who I assume somehow felt threatened by my freedom to pursue my interests. Maybe it makes some people feel "the bar has been raised" and now they will "graded" in another arena. Some individuals use the "she can't be much of a real woman" card, especially when their other halves tell my husband he is a lucky man; others just see it as a wake-up call to get out there and do their own thing, whatever it is. I've also had men say to my husband "Geeze, you can't ever get time alone with the boys with her hanging around all the time can you?" He loves to set them staight on that with "I could if I wanted, but I get to spend most of my time with my best friend, do you?" Bottom is a short and awesome gift...gender prejudice is a fact of life, though improving I think....the heck with what anyone else thinks, do what makes you happy. I will now get off my soapbox, sorry.
Question: I am seriously thinking about a career change. This desk jockey crap is killing me...I'm not getting any younger and am thinking about Taxidermy. I would like input from any or all of you ladies out there. I live in NJ now but plan on "retiring" (yeah, right) in WV near Winchester, VA. I believe I have the artistic ability (was a dental ceramist for 15 years)and love the hunting sports and animals et al, but need more info on how physically demanding the work really is on a day to day basis and what realistic income can be expected as well as possible school recommendations and the feeling about apprecticeship. My husband and I work well together and this could possilbly work well as a joint retirement "lifestyle" later as well. Thank you.

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