Back from the CA show!

Submitted by Jeanette Hall on 03/24/2004 at 23:11. ( )

Hello all. I wanted to let everyone know that if they did not make it to the CA show, they really missed out! I know it took me a few days to get this on here. When we were driving back from Redding I stopped at Denny's and had some sunny side up eggs that were pretty runny. When I got home the trouble began and I am just now recovering from my first experience with salmonilla (sp) food poisoning. I honestly wanted to die! I'll never eat eggs cooked (rather uncooked) like that again.

Anyhow, the show was awesome! Lots of impressive taxidermy and I met many new friends as well as friends from last year. There were some pretty big winners as well. I want to congratulate Terreza Casimiro (please excuse my mispelling) for her awesome birds. I was also taken with the work of Jeff Zaugg. I had never heard of him before, yet he walked out of the banquet dinner with more awards than he could carry! He beat me by 4 points and won the first honest whitetail award. I'll have to work harder and beat him next year, LOL! RJ did great with his African animals- and you should have seen his gator! Charlie (I can't remember his last name so I'll call him cupid) won big time with his teal group. If any of you remember his last name please let me know as I can't remember in my old age!

I am getting ready for Idaho and then I will be on my way to Huntsville. If I do not see you at those shows I hope you come to CA for next years show. It is by far the best show in the nation!

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Charlie Thurston

This response submitted by Tony on 03/25/2004 at 00:15. ( )

that's his name.

Thanks Tony!

This response submitted by Jeanette on 03/25/2004 at 10:29. ( )

I'm a little forgetful when it comes to names! Thanks!

Old age?

This response submitted by JFW on 03/25/2004 at 15:46. ( )

If that's old age bottle it up honey!
While I can't say I've been to the CA show I can tell you the best is the UTNY show in New York! It's the first weekend in AUGUST.
Check us out!


This response submitted by paul on 03/25/2004 at 15:55. ( )

the funny part was during tear-down when Charlie put his (LIVE) cinnamon teal "Chip" in the mouth of the gator. Chip just sat there for pictures, seemed to enjoy the perch.

Charlies ducks

This response submitted by Jeanette on 03/25/2004 at 19:38. ( )

Hey Paul,

Did Charlie show you the pictures of the ducks in the hotel room? I loved the one with the woodie pair swimming in the toilet. I need to get in touch with him and let him know I'd love a copy of that.


This response submitted by paul on 03/26/2004 at 13:18. ( )

yeah, saw that one in his camera's LCD screen (be funny to see what they do when you FLUSH! hehehe).

I got a bunch of pics (~70 show pieces), but I downloaded them to my laptop and haven't had a chance to resize and post 'em somewhere. Someone should look into making a CAT website with pics and such (BWAHAHAHAHA That one was for Tony!).

I emailed Charlie but haven't heard back from him... If I get any pics I'll let you know & forward 'em. Those birds were fun to watch... We even got some "Celebrity Duckmatch" fight pics... hehe

Hey, Paul!

This response submitted by Charlie on 04/08/2004 at 23:57. ( )

Hey! We've tried to email you back, but the pictures did not go through and you haven't responded to emails. Want to try again? The happy woodduck "couple" is now incubating 10 eggs. Another woodduck hen has 9 & 2 others under a banty hen. We've also got 8 cinnamon teal eggs from Chip's parents, that his mom is sitting on.

Also, to everyone in the association, thank you very much for the Taxidermists' Choice award. It was a pleasant surprise!

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