Duck season

Submitted by Danial on 03/21/2004 at 18:13. ( )

Its duck season in Australia but we only have a two bird limet thay say because of the dry season, the hunt is only going for 8 weeks as well, but what I wauld like to now is how much you have to pay for a taxdermy permit in the US it is $600.00 dollars here. There are two types type one is $200.00 which covers pity much every thing you may have two do ,but if you wont to do ducks you have to get a type two permit and it $400.00 dollars for 12 months.

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Here in Texas

This response submitted by Ben on 03/21/2004 at 20:39. ( )

In Texas you dont need a permit for taxiedermy But you have fedrl guide lines you have to fallow when mounting water fowl

Federal Migratory Bird Permit

This response submitted by Cindy Crain on 03/23/2004 at 12:22. ( )

If you practice taxidermy and receive remuneration then you should obtain a permit. You must send your address, a statement of your qualifications and experience as a taxidermist, and your state permit number and expiration date (if applicable in your state)to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

This permit authorizes taxidermists to receive for mounting game birds that have been taken and possessed in compliance with regulations. All migratory birds taken by hunting and received by the taxidermist must have a tag attached. This tag must be signed by the hunter, and include his or her address, the total number of species of birds, and the date such birds were killed. This tag may not be removed during the taxidermy operation, but must be reattached to the mounted specimen after muonting, and remain attached until the mounted specimen is delivered to the owner.

Taxidermists must also keep accurate records of operation, on a calendar year basis, showing names and address of persons from and to whom migratory birds or their parts, nests, or eggs were received or delivered, the numbers and species of the birds, and the dates of receipt and delivery.

Hope this proves helpful.

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