Gorilla that attacked may have been teased by teenagers

Submitted by Cecil on 03/21/2004 at 19:55. ( )


I obviously feel for those that were attacked, but you have to wonder if teasing the animal has anything to do with it. It also sounds like human error may have been involved in the escape. Too bad someone had to get serioulsy hurt and a rare animal is dead because of idiotic behavior and human error.

I was at Busch Gardens a few years ago and noticed all the gorrillas looked like they were in a state of deep depression. Anybody else notice this? Is this normal? Not a big zoo fan but they have their role.

Looks like at least some subspecies of gorrilla will be gone in our lifetime from poaching. Too bad.

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It's a shame the animal's we try to protect end up paying

This response submitted by Mac on 03/21/2004 at 21:01. ( )

the ultimate price in such matters. It is also a shame that people (Some not all)do not teach their children a zoo's purpose. My wife and I took my visiting daughter to our local zoo and Busch gardens. I was apalled at the lack of control that other parents exhibited as their children teased and just plain acted ignorant towards the animals that were present. Cecil, your right, it's a plain shame that people have to get hurt in situations like that, and it would make sense that it was a "cause and effect" scenario. Though I am not a direct proponent in keeping an animal out of it's natural habitat, I do believe that it becomes necessary when the proliferation of the species becomes in jeopardy. Too bad people don't relish the fact that some of these animals are the only ones left in the world. The real shame is that man is the double edged sword in the lives of many creatures don't you think?

Close them down

This response submitted by Paul I on 03/21/2004 at 21:26. ( paulblastoatyahoo.com )

Your right about this zoo.After I read that the workers with pepper spray were hiding or slacking I say shut them down.Mistakes can and will happen to humans but its how you handle the problem.When a full grown monkey can remove your arm I would think they might have had more safeguards for a priced gorilla.I will bet the lawyers are tripping over each other to get to those people.As in everything the actions of a few affect many.Good or bad.

Busch Gardens is one of the better zoos

This response submitted by marty on 03/21/2004 at 22:43. ( )

But, they're all still depressing to me. I realize that it's the only way many of us will ever see some of these animals. And some of them are endangered. But I simply hate to see those poor animals held captive. They pace constantly or look depressed because they ARE DEPRESSED.

I have friends and/or family that say that they don't understand why I feel that way, "you're a hunter" they say.

They just don't get it...

the reason

This response submitted by darwin on 03/22/2004 at 06:21. ( )

that the gorillas will soon disappear is not because of poaching, it is because they keep evolving....

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