Michigan Show

Submitted by Rob on 03/21/2004 at 22:05. ( porterr3@msu.edu )

I just wanted to let you folks from the Michigan Taxidermy show know that I thought it was a great show and I hope to become a member soon and start to get to know you. For the taxidermist that entered mounts for judging they all looked like first places to me. I got a kick out of the youth divison you kids have talent.

Take care and I look forward to meeting all of you,


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This response submitted by Eric Davis on 03/22/2004 at 15:51. ( )

We look forward to meeting you Rob.


This response submitted by Donna on 03/25/2004 at 01:17. ( shayestaxidermy@hotmail.com )

Rob, Look forward to new members..And Thanks for the commit on the mounts entered...

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