Turkey vultures.......as wild pets!

Submitted by Amethyst Taylor aka Wolf on 03/27/2004 at 00:11. ( wolfstaxidermy@yahoo.com )

Being into taxidermy, there is always some extra meat lying around........ I took a hunk out last November and I got Turkey vultures, 4 all total. Darn neat birds to watch, some of my favorite birds too. Well, I started leaving them a chunk of about 5 lbs of meat every 3-4 weeks since, even got a pair of black vulture to come around. I also feed crows, smart birds, come when called and all but land on my hand. Combine the two and you have the most interesting mess of feathers. Figured out both birds prefer liver, and why wouldn't they? Getting choice meat and somewhat regular feedings, these feathered beast are never far off.

Well, about 3 weeks ago a client brings me an Aoudad ram, all 135 lbs of it, in the back of a pickup. The crows sitting in the tree spy the body and fly off to the woods at top speed. Seconds later the crows returned followed by non other than the vultures. They were kinda put out that I didn't leave the sheep for them to clean and hauled it around to my shop, but they got rewarded 24 hours later when I cut the liver out of the carcass for them.

Today, a friends stops by in his pickup truck with some book cases. The only time a truck has been in our drive way since the Aoudad was brought over. The guy knocks on the door and asks me what in the heck have I been doing lately, puzzled (mostly by all the cawing taking place) I step off the porch and look up on the roof of the house were my friends pointing. There were 4 birds I haven't seen in nearly a month with 6 ft wings spread open trying to find out what was in the truck. I liked to died laughing, the vultures were associating the truck with a free meal! And the crows who are slightly territorial, were calling in every black bird in the neighborhood thinking it was feast time. That one took some explaining, and I spend the rest of the afternoon chasing vultures away from my maceration vats in the back yard, and keeping cows from carrying off my bones.

Thought you guys might like to hear about my birdies.

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Birds Are Interesting

This response submitted by Tenbears on 03/27/2004 at 08:05. ( )

But I just do not care for turkey vultures. Back in 1966 I got a brand New Mustang 2+2 That light green metallic they had. It was a beauty. I only had it about a week. I was driving down the road with my best girl. when I came around a curve in the road. There were two turkey buzzards feeding on a road kill coon. they took flight as soon as they saw me. As I passed under them One of them regurgitated. Right on the hood of my New car. By the time I got home to wash it off it had discolored the paint. So I had my newest pride and Joy. Light green Metallic mustang, with a silver splotch in the hood. Made me furious. Just have never been able to forgive the buzzards.

Vultures are NOT your friends

This response submitted by George on 03/27/2004 at 09:01. ( georoof@aol.com )

In the '50's you could shoot them at will and were encouraged to as they were thought to carry anthrax. Today, they have become intolerable pests along the East Coast. When they aren't crapping or puking on people and houses, they literally tear apart shingles of houses and they love pressure treated lumber. Many police departments equip their cops with "Buzzard Bombs" that are shot from a shotgun and explode near nesting or roosting buzzards to keep them away. I understand the small town of Hinckley Ohio holds a festival each year when the buzzards return from the winter. I wish some of ours would move there.

Hincley Ohio is like the swallowa of Capistrano (Sp?)

This response submitted by PA on 03/27/2004 at 09:24. ( )

They have an official day of the return of vultures every year and the town goes about as wild as Hinckley Ohio can. They reserve the mounted vulture from the Educational Loan colllection at the Museum every year for that weekend. In my mind it doesn't hold a candle to groundhog day, but these are Ohio people we are talking about. LOL.

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