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Submitted by Brandon Wildlife Studio on 03/22/2004 at 14:27. ( )

Ok..i now that this should probably be in the "for sale" catagory, but i think i have found just reasoning to list it in Stephen Trull of Wildlife Memories is in the process of designing a new taxidermy software. Which should be available for release sometime around May of this year. I am currently doing some Beta testing for this program, and let me tell is one great program! It far surpasses the software currently available on the market today. So, my reasoning for listing in this catagory? Well, this software, in my opinion, is a must for the taxidermy industry as a whole. Less paperwork, more organization, and less searching for forms-means more time doing what we love! (and more $$) To see some screen shots of this program, please visit Stephens site: (look for taxidermy software in the nav. bar)

Thanks for allowing me to share this w/ ya'll.

Sheila Brandon
Brandon Wildlife Studio

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