I am right ....arn't i?

Submitted by samantha on 03/27/2004 at 19:25. ( )

I recieved a phone call from a friend wanting a fallow buck mounted.
Price was agreed on and i said 'where is it?'
he says "its out in the paddock where i shot it last night"
i said "what - you didnt cape it?"
he says "no - it was cool last night, (muggy this morning at 9am),it will be ok wont it?"
i said "no - 6-8 hours is as long as i'd leave it b4 caping it"
Now he says "oh i had a guy do a boar for me that sat in the paddock for 2 days, i will ring him"!
Now i feel like ive said something wrong - did i?

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This response submitted by Alan Childs on 03/27/2004 at 19:36. ( )

I think you did the right thing. Honesty is the best thing you can do. The customer needs to know that Proper Field Care is neccessary for Proper Taxidermy work. Sometimes you have to stick to your guns & let the customer walk.


You are right

This response submitted by Wildwood on 03/27/2004 at 20:27. ( )

If you have ever taken in a animal that was "iffy"'believe me you told him the right thing. This is a headache you could do with out.

Lotta stupid people out there

This response submitted by Hogger on 03/28/2004 at 03:46. ( )

Had a guy shot a buck 7:00am. dragged it a long way causing a huge bald area on one side. Then he dillie dallied and finally got the hide of the critter at around 7:00pm. The high temperatures for that day would have been in the 80's (Hawaii). Then he kept it in his freezer for a year and then brought it to me. I was not aware YET of his mistreatment of the deer. When I defrosted it, hair slipped off the back of the ears like butter off a hot slanted tin roof. I called him and told him of my findings and began probing him for the story of how he treated the deer. I warned him that his cape was likely to not make it and that I would try and tan it if he was willing, providing he understood he would lose some of his deposit for my work even if the hide failed. He agreed. Luckily the rest of the hide was a bit loose, but tightened up pretty good when it dried. I had to camoflauge the back of the ears. Thing is when you take a questionable cape, it's my belief that no matter what you say, the customer, because of their lack of knowledge, will blame you for a failed cape. Maybe not to your face, but that is what they will likely do behind your back atleast. I probably would have taken the deer you talk about, but not without a contract spelling out the possibility of the hide failing.

your right!

This response submitted by Mr KIM on 03/29/2004 at 21:45. ( )

your right. Turn the work down it is YOUR choice!

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