antler cracking

Submitted by jeremy on 03/28/2004 at 09:01. ( )

A freind of mine received a bull moose from Alaska to be mounted. When it arrived at his shop the antler was cracked. The crack starts in the skull plate, goes up through the pedicle, and continues up through the main beam long ways. At the base of the antler the crack is 3/8" wide. Should he drill the end of the crack to keep it from running? Should he screw and appoxy it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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Gorilla glue

This response submitted by Ernie on 03/28/2004 at 09:48. ( )

I just repaired a heavy Canadian wt rack split pretty much the same as you explain above. From from the skull way up main beam. This buck has a huge 3 pt cluster drop tine that most likely got caught while sparring and cracked. I put Gorrilla glue on it worked it in the deepest I could than clamped the crack closed. Wipe the excess glue as this stuff expands. Periodically wipe or cut off any glue that comes out, than let is sit for a day or 2. Remove clamp"s". And use epoxy to repair the seams.


This response submitted by Jeremy on 03/28/2004 at 20:46. ( )

thanks for the info Ernie!

Let me know how it comes out.

This response submitted by ERnie on 03/30/2004 at 18:56. ( )

Glad to help !

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