Marty, Are you still using hydromist paints?

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Haven't talked since wrestlin season, hope all is well on your end. I was researching the archives to see what types of paints seemed to be most commonly used in WT and other mounts and came across one of your posts from 01 describing the big "paint ball" that you ended up with. Do you still use that type of paint or have you found anything better? I am hoping to take a couple of updated college art courses to refresh my color & blending skills. I am more versed in drawing and sketching than painting (other than cars)so I will be practicing with a couple different mediums for application ease, blending ect. Would you (and others) mind offering your opinions in regard to the mediums you use most of? My primary application will be mammals but hope to branch off to fish and fowl as well. I will be continuing my looking in the archives but would also like to know what yall think of todays paints as well. Thanx for yall's time & opinions in advance.

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Ahhh Mac, on to Soccer season!

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Wrestling update: My 8 year old fizzled out after a long season. He ended up taking 6th at The State tournament. (Which is misleading because of his age and small size he had small bracket to begin with). He had 5th on a forfeit (his guy left, I guess he wanted 1st!). And I spoke with the ref and head table and opted to have my boy wrestle the ~7th place kid (for 5th) for the experience. And of course, my son got thrown to his back three times and lost the match! (Why is it that when you say "don't tie up" they decide that they ALWAYS want to tie up?).

They went to 6th place (to stand at the pedestal) and get pics, so it didn't matter to my kid - lol!

As far as paints go for painting fish, I have no problems with the Hydromist paints. Except for the white. I had a bad batch (I believe) once and most of the pigment solidified quite quickly. It's been my experience that some of the more opaque colors (like white, which is actually not a color but you know what I mean) can dry up relatively fast if you don't use/shake them regularly. I now order smaller sized bottles of some opaque colors so I use them BEFORE they can dry up.

I've got two or three Polytranspar paints I just ordered and have not tried them yet. I cannot imagine that there is much difference though. As long as their colors are fairly consistent, it's just a matter of getting use to them (as far as mixing and thinning goes).

Painting mammals Mac, that's a whole nother ballgame that I have absolutely NO EXPERIENCE in whatsoever. With fish, there are some limitations on what kind of products you can and can't use because of possible incompatibility issues with underlying products. And I wouldn't even know where to begin with mammals.

On the flipside, I do recommend constantly trying new products (and old ones) along with the air brush paints. (I understand oil paints are used quite frequently with mammals). With fish, I use anything and everything I can (manytimes combining different techniques) to get (close to) the end result I'm looking for. I'm always looking for new and different products and different techniques...

It must be the Drain Bamage ........

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that Bill Cosby spoke about in regard to the tie-up / Don't tie up issue ! LOL, Some kids just have to find out the hard way, kinda goes with the experience aspect I guess, LOL.

In looking through the archives I noticed Cecil had some paint postings and I am going to go back and read them more thoroughly later on. I guess I am looking more for what mediums people prefer and why and if their opinions had changed in the past few years. In the little I have learned and read about mounting fish, I must say I have gained a new respect for that aspect.The article on that trophy grouper in the last Breakthrough Magazine was wild. I never would have guessed what went on behind the scenes. So much to learn and experiment with. I have used a Pasche airbrush and flowpen in the past but may try one of the others people have talked about here. I have ample time to research, study and practice painting as I am currently building my shop (garage/workshop/catch-all ect, ect). I have 2 more posts to set to have the outside wall posts up then its on to the center posts and beams. I hope by the beginning of Archery season to have a part of the building set up enough to start some basic work. We shall see. Thanks for the input & Congrats to your boy and good luck with Soccer!

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