tannery officially stinky

Submitted by tom s. on 03/31/2004 at 16:25. ( )

Did anyone see the TLC show on tues night about the leather tannery in morocco. Holy cow that was gross. They use pigeon poop to soften the leather at the last step. The owner also uses the bark water, I am assuming it is some kind on tannic acid solution leached from bark, as a mouth wash. That just creeps me out considering that water probably hasn't been changed since lincoln was president. The guys also have to walk in the pits to mix them, I don't feel so bad now when I have to break a hide now.

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Can you imagine how they treat the environment?

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/31/2004 at 17:20. ( )

Lots of our coporations are swarming to third world countries like this where they can trash the environment and hire workers for nothing. It a crime in my book.

Crime?Thats why the business are moving.

This response submitted by John C on 03/31/2004 at 19:17. ( )

China,Mexico and on and on. Do the companies give a rats ass about the enviroment? NO remember Bopal India?

Think about it before you buy for overseas.

Have you seen the Harley copy from China? buy it for $2999.00 retail. or buy 10 and become a dealer. You can buy a overseas shipping container full for $1200.00 each.

Were they gonna get the parts for repair? at that price dump it junk it.

Maybe the taxidermy suppliy companies need to move overseas because then we could get the old stuff, lead paints and so on!

It's called unfair trade

This response submitted by Cecil on 03/31/2004 at 21:21. ( )

No such thing as "free trade." It's not a level playing field and we are getting the shaft. Unfortunately many of our politicians have their heads up their asses or profiting from all the outsourcing.

Your right Cecil

This response submitted by Mr. KIM on 03/31/2004 at 22:01. ( )


You are correct on both points concerning politicians!

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