John McCane praises Ted Koppel

Submitted by Kelly Johnson on 05/01/2004 at 00:57. ( rgoldson )

Lets all thank Ted Koppel for a great tribute to our brave young men and women that have died in Bush's war, Oh, I forgot it was at the start a war to get them weapons of mass destruction and when they didn't show up , ole George W. decided to call it a war on terror ,using 9-11 as a reason . Sen. McCane [a Republican} had great praise for Ted Koppel and he condemed Fox News and the few others that was against the Nightline program . I thought of something that would really be funny , what if Bush does loose in Nov. what will Fox news and all the Georgie Roofs and other Republicans do the next 4 years . LOL Cecil wouldn't that be something ? The way things are going and as split as the country is ,it is a great possibility . Just wait until Kerry announces his running mate then watch his numbers soar in the polls . I like all of you all anyway even if you do call me alot of names , God Bless America , see you all at the Nationals . Kelly

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You're Pathetically Drunk

This response submitted by Doesn't Matter on 05/01/2004 at 01:43. ( )

Kelly, you're pathetic! Sure your name's not Bob, Jay, Lisa, Stacy, et al.? I hope Ken deletes this thread! What's the 'Taxidermy' connection here??

How 'bout this...

This response submitted by Bob Mead on 05/01/2004 at 06:24. ( )

If Kerry wins in November (immediately after hell freezes over), or if Bush "looses" as you so eloquently put it, we Republicans can piss and moan for the next four years about how we lost power and what strategy we should use to get it back like you Dem."s have done since Bush took over. Forget about the issues and the welfare of the country, you can't see past your perceived "injustices" in the last election and you just can't stand the loss of power for your party. You and your party members are the biggest bunch of whining babies on the face of planet earth. Your party headquarters should be in a maternity ward somewhere. You can "LOL" and "ROFLMAO" till the cows come home or your ass falls off and call for Cecil to back you up, but your thinking and facts are askewed.

"Sen. McCane [a Republican} had great praise for Ted Koppel and he condemed Fox News and the few others that was against the Nightline program."

Well, I'm not going to waste my time correcting your crappy grammar and spelling, but I will correct your reporting of the facts:

The Sinclair Broadcast Group will bar its ABC-affiliated stations from airing a planned "Nightline" tribute to fallen U.S. troops in Iraq saying the program is a political statement disguised as news (what a surprise, huh?). The network's intentions drew a denunciation from Sinclair, a Baltimore-based owner of 62 television stations in 39 markets reaching roughly 24 percent of U.S. television households.

Fox News and a few others? I hardly think you grasp the breadth of the situation. A market of 24 percent of US households is enormous, and shows that more than a few others was against the Nightline program. I understand it doesn't meet your agenda, so you're forced to just make stuff up.

As for Kerry's running mate, might I suggest the wicked witch of the north, Hillary Clinton? You Dem.'s are quite fond of her and we could use a Clinton back in the White House again, now couldn't we? That turned out really well the last time.

Give us a call when you get back to this solar system.

Bob Mead

What the you read about this.

This response submitted by John C on 05/01/2004 at 10:07. ( )

How many people to you think die during a typical military 30 manuver. Take the typical NTC rotation, April through October.
Etc time we deployed there would be one to three casualties while in the manuver box.

Now what price do you set on terror?
WHat price do you put on you freedom?
What price do you put on your ability to run down the President?
What price do you put of the lives of service personel that
died in Beruit?
Kobar Towers?
Uss Coleman?

Need I go on? How many Americans did the World Trade Center touch?

NOw one thing the LIBERALS are missing, what has OUR WAR with Iraq done?

Omar Kadafi, what has he done? He has decided its far better to be friends with the USA than an Enemy.

Thats a huge step!

Think about this too.
WMD; since inspectors had not been allowed to look into places they expected to find WMD. Remember the UN inspectors had even been thrown out of IRAQ several times.
There was a high possiblity they were/are still there.

Like a convicted felon Saddam.
Had made them in the past.
Had used them in the past.
Had been careless in his actions.
Had killed many innocent people in his country.
Had WMD during Desert Storm.
Had plans to us the WMD on closer countries.
Had tortured his own subordinates.
Was ruthless to anyone who spoke against him of his cronies.

So where would you draw the line? You can bitch and whine about what the USA has done but no liberal has come up with a better solution!

WHats the solution? WHats the correct solution?

How would you handle it?

I still dont hear Kerry with a plan to handle the problem, all I hear Kerry saying is BUSH is bad.

Look to the future what will do when America is attacked again by terrorist?

Seeing that You buddy Saddam had millions of American dollars, do you know that he did not give money to support terrorist?

A moral person must stop immoral/illegal actions by some means, we can call the police on the people down the street.

WHO calls the police when a dictator does wrong?

Who are those police?

One additonal thing:
Many Iraq's living in the USA fled Saddams terror, how do you tell them thier families mean nothing to anyone.

You would be very pissed off if the samething were happening here to you, you would want help.

Sorry but I have to

This response submitted by DaveT on 05/01/2004 at 10:18. ( )

I know I said i would stay away from political posts, I stayed quiet as long as I can. I think it is so funny that so many of you who ARE NOT in the military seem to think you know what the MAJORITY of us think/feel and say the war is unjust or Bush's war.

You DON'T know, neither does kerry, CNN or the rest of the liberals. My God just take a moment and watch a former liberal newmans Geraldo, he is there with the actual troops asking them on the spot. There is not a soilder alive that likes war, but most of us realize that the cause of this war is and was just. I talk to folks DAILY who are going and coming to the sand box, none of them seem to be confused on what or why we are doing there. That only seems to come from some of you who have NEVER BEEN THERE. Some of these troops have been there for over a year, because Clinton cut the h*ll out of our troop numbers, and yet the "spirits" are high. Most Americans are behind the troops and support us and we thank them. For the rest of you whiners........ I'll be nice and say bug off.

To answer your question kelly, if Kerry gets elected many of us republicans will worry like H*ll 'cause we know another attack is coming and the liberals are too COWARD to confront it.

Dave Toms

flap flap flap

This response submitted by Steve on 05/01/2004 at 11:05. ( )

Thats the sound of your conservative lips flapping around spewing out all of that hate. Kelly has some very good points, and does not deserve your hatred. As for sinclair broadcast, they are a right wing conservative evangelical christian religious group. They are censoring the news and what they dont want people to hear or know about the war. Why shouldnt the american public know about all sides of the war. If you had your way, we would all just hide our heads in the sand and swallow every bit of the pablum that bush is feeding you. The casualties are part of the war and the whole story. And as far as a political statement disguised as news, you must be talking about fox "news" . And geraldo, is a hack with a bad reputation. He is not seen as anything even close to professional. Remember al capone's vault? How about when he reported that he was under enemy fire onthe front lines of combat, but then it turns out that he was about 50 miles from where he said he was, and at the rear of the american position. The only reason that he is at fox is that he cant get a job anywhere else. No real news source would hire that loser. ....And there is a leader who has a plan for our country. A leader who is a decorated war veteran. A leader who fought on the front lines of combat and carries some shrapnel in his body to this day. That leader is John Kerry. For those who put military service above all other service, this is your guy. He didnt get a sweetheart deal,then miss his physical and have his wings taken fromhim like that other guy. He served his country and knows first hand what war is all about. Vote Kerry!

Steve, you're still an idiot

This response submitted by George on 05/01/2004 at 11:18. ( )

But why didn't I think you'd be any different today. We have our three stooges here who continue to cry foul while throwing illegal punches. How any true American can be so completely brainwashed and stupid to believe the tripe the socialists are spreading is beyond my comprehension (You guys don't have to worry about comprehending, you swallow whole). This entire site is conservative except for you guys and you sneak around with anonymous postings trying to increase your numbers. Well, we don't fall for Kerry the war Zero or you. So get over it. You're just leeches to a society who pays your bills in the blood of true Americans willing to fight and die for your sorry rights to talk ignorance.

It's funny how they take the truth and call it hate !

This response submitted by b bishop/ Republican on 05/01/2004 at 12:09. ( )

Liberals - the enemy within ! ever get the feeling that these 3 are of the muslim faith !

USS Cole

This response submitted by Mike Barrus on 05/01/2004 at 19:10. ( )

No Offense John C and I really I'm not being a smart a**. It was the USS Cole...not the Coleman. Good point though.

and what have you done Steve

This response submitted by DaveT on 05/04/2004 at 22:10. ( )

Run your mouth again and too coward to use your name. Now that is some flapping from this conservative's lips.


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