For all you Bush Lovers

Submitted by Cecil on 05/03/2004 at 12:53. ( )

Here's our future CIC that won't choke on his popcorn. I thought you'd like it Brad!

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Link wont work

This response submitted by b bishop/ Republican on 05/03/2004 at 13:05. ( )

can you Dems get anything right !

just 4 years ago

This response submitted by Todd B on 05/03/2004 at 13:25. ( )

This forum was buzzing "Dubya" Dubya" "Dubya" what has happened. Most of the people here whining and crying about Bush probably voted for him.

Todd B

Cecil, Why did you entitle it that?

This response submitted by George on 05/03/2004 at 17:01. ( )

You could have just as easily said "For all you dorks that agree with me" That would have told the majority of us what the minority does with their spare time. Especially since it's obviously a Democratic website and it doesn't work just like their agenda. LMAO

George it's not "entitle!"

This response submitted by Cecil on 05/04/2004 at 00:00. ( )

it should be, "why did you title it that?" Get it right! LOL


This response submitted by George on 05/04/2004 at 08:41. ( )

Cecil, the written language is the SECOND thing you should stay away from. You may be able to "title" your car in conversation, but "title" is a noun meaning "name". You ENTITLE something to GIVE IT A NAME. Obviously you're confusing the word with it's second connotation of being "ENTITLED" to something which means "deserving of". Do you really have a college education or did you sneak that diploma off the internet?

watch out Geo

This response submitted by DaveT on 05/04/2004 at 22:16. ( )

He is going to release that big IQ on ya real quick like


, Come on Cecil has to be right...

This response submitted by Hogger on 05/07/2004 at 05:07. ( )

Libs are the great defenders of "entitlements". In Cecil's case, when he's "right", maybe we should say he's "left" so as to not offend him? LOL!

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