Shocking tv show

Submitted by Kristen on 05/04/2004 at 09:08. ( )

My brother-in-law was watching one of those MTV shows, probably Jacka$$ and he yelled for me to come see something. To my surprise they did a hidden camera segment where they visited a few taxidermists with an older woman wanting to get quotes for having her stuffed! Even more surprising was the first place they went to showed a bunch of heads lying on the floor in what I would guess to be the only room in his shop. He refused saying something about the legalities. The second, and nicer "professional" looking shop actually quoted them a price of $20,000. I guess some people will literally do anything for money! LOL

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Never "Refuse" Anything.......

This response submitted by Old Fart on 05/04/2004 at 09:29. ( )

.....Just make the price so high that the customer will not want the job done.

Even better is to accept the job, pending the customer getting the proper permits to have the job done.......for example; I get a lot of calls throughout the summer asking about getting songbirds mounted. I tell the customer(usually a woman)on the other end of the line that I can do it, BUT they need to call the DNR to get a permit FIRST!

Why don't I tell them that the bird is illegal and that they should dispose of it? Because, I don't want to argue with them. I used to tell them, but it usually resulted in THEM being MAD at me, for what they considered a stupid law. Now I send them to the DNR and let them get mad at them. It's called public relations, customers can be discouraged in a plesent way, by sending them for a permit or quoting an extremly high price. That is all the $20,000 quote was!

I got a call

This response submitted by wetnwild on 05/04/2004 at 11:16. ( )

Last year from a woman who has a grandmother who has it in the will she wants to be mounted when she dies. I found out what state you can legally perform it, and told her about proper permits and legal issues she would have to deal with first. I quoted her a price of $200,000.00. She thought this was fair, and would keep me informed of her grannies progress! Never turn down work if it can legally be done, and the customer is willing to foot the bill!

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