Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

Submitted by oldshaver on 05/06/2004 at 20:24. ( oldshaver@yahoo.com )

Has anyone else heard about a news conference next tuesday, in Washington, involving Kerrys former Officers and colleagues? Nineteen of 23 officers and colleagues during his time of service in vietnam plan on holding this conference, and they all plan on saying that he is unfit for the job of commander and chief. A letter will be presented with hundreds of signatures stating this. They call their self Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. They have a web site.

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This response submitted by Walt on 05/06/2004 at 21:55. ( )

but i heard about the one that bush's colleagues held to point out his no show in the national guard. they have a web site.

Yes I did OS

This response submitted by A.C. on 05/06/2004 at 22:28. ( )

Kerry is going down in flames ! Maybe he can apply for a purple heart after he picks himself off of the ground !

More Lies

This response submitted by Steve on 05/06/2004 at 22:35. ( )

The Kerry people recently pointed out that on Kerry's records the doctor that signed his sheet and medical report is not the same doctor that claims Kerry didnt deserve his first purple heart. It seems that the republican smear machine has hit a bump. Also, there are very complimentary and heroic comments made about Kerry all over his record, unlike the military record of bush, where there are no comments about his service, and nobody can come forth to even say they remember him serving. Seems a bit ironic that they guy who's commanding officer cant even remember him serving is talking trash about the decorated war hero's record.

The Republicans are desperate and...

This response submitted by Cecil on 05/06/2004 at 22:55. ( )

want to win this election in the worst way. Bush's approval rating is at its lowest level ever and with the prisoner abuse scandal we are also at an all time low as far as respect among other nations. If anyone is going down in flames A.C. it's Bush and his deck of cards is in flames to boot. I guess you can dream A.C. Dream on buddy.

Is it just me but it seems whenever I see a post with

This response submitted by Cecil on 05/06/2004 at 23:28. ( )

the word "truth" it is anything but the truth?

I'm So Confused...

This response submitted by Charlie on 05/06/2004 at 23:36. ( )

I'm really confused.... As a lt.jg Kerry actively went after Medals.
But, then when he came home and Tossed "his" Medals...or "Ribbins"
over the fence at the White House he disgraced his Brothers in Arms.
He claimed the U.S was nothing but an Imperialistic War Mungerring
Country attacking a poor defenceless 3rd world country of peace loving farmers. But, now the "Tossed" Medals...or Ribbins suddenly
appear on his office wall. Every time he speaks he mentions that he is a "Decorated" Vietnam Veteran and proud to have served his Country. All his Democratic supportors tout him as a "Brave decorated Combat Veteran who was "wounded" defending his Country."
I don't know what to believe. And just where is this "Kerry Waffal
House" I keep hearing so much about.?

This has something to do with taxidermy because.............

This response submitted by stoppoliticalposts on 05/07/2004 at 01:03. ( )

come on, I know it's an election year. Taxidermists always have a freezer full of things to work on. Let's vote for who we want, and quit trying to change everyones mind! Let's get to work.

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