Selling of mounts at a DU Dinner

Submitted by Michael Barrus on 05/06/2004 at 20:24. ( )

Greg Ielfield is one talented Taxidermist. I probably will never reach his level of expertise with birds...though I'm trying and will continue to do so. That being said, I feel that his feelings are misplaced. Maybe he is angry at what he calls the "big DU" just because he may have been stiffed on some waterfowl and could not sell them. Du can't sell them either..they did though and regardless of the "technicalities" of the law..I say good on them. Those guys along with Delta and other organizations do more to get bird taxidermists business in a sense than anyone. Why try to hang them? EGO! Greg has got plenty of that..(re-read my opening line). It is going back to the birds! There is the letter of the law and the intent of the law..the intent is that people do not shoot ducks just to sell the mount. If an officer at the dinner ignores the is called discretion. Anyone out there ever broke the law and got let go? Do police arrest everyone that violates the letter of the law?....No. Wake up Gregg, I love your work, its amazing. Stick to it, everyone knows you know the law....every once in a while, Ego needs to be checked....don't worry, if they have seen your work they will soon enough contact you for a will bring alot for thier cause..and thats a good thing! If you are in law enforcement, please let me know if you let some things go on occasion because of the intent of the individual. To clarify, I believe that only donated birds, which have not been picked up by a customer should be allowed in DU's case..not just any Joe shooting, mounting and selling mounts.

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Not mad at DU

This response submitted by Gregg Ielfield on 05/07/2004 at 12:13. ( )

I tried to stop an illegal sale of waterfowl for that I guess I have a "big ego"? I have belong to du for 10 years severving on the local chapter as well as many very nice donations. I am in no way mad that i can not sell ducks . I do not get stuck with any as I get full paynemt on them. As far as turning and looking away, DU promonts conservation shooting of drakes only, obeying the laws, So they should look at them selves. I did what du says to do is report crimes. Sorry if that makes me have an ego I guess I do But Lets Look at the big picture , we taxidermist obey the law & do not sell mounts & so should Ducks unlimited. My phone # is 315-376-3440 if anybody has anything they want to tell me in person. Thank you .
Gregg Ielfield


This response submitted by Mike Barrus on 05/07/2004 at 21:45. ( )

As I said in my previous post..."read my opening line". You do have an ego! But you've earned it. Please don't take my comment on your ego as all that harsh. I wish I could feel that confident. All I am saying the end we have to have perspective. Is what they did hurting waterfowl?Even in the most miniscule way? I don't feel that it is. If they did, (which I fell will never happen)cross the line for shear profit..I'm with you...burn em'. I'll see you in August in Syracuse..we can talk then. I'm looking forward to seeing your mounts in particular..they always teach me something.And please don't apologize for your ego..youv'e earned it...I'm just stating my point of view..right or wrong see you about some lessons? Do a seminar this year! We need some good bird seminars this year!


This response submitted by kinstelspec on 05/08/2004 at 11:21. ( )

are you sure that your name isn't Robin Hood? Its ok to steal from the rich as long as you give the spoils to the poor. DU broke the law---PLAIN AND SIMPLE. That would make your "opinion" of what they did WRONG---PERIOD. For all of DU's huffing and puffing about being a self-righteous entity they don't mind breaking the law for profit I guess? As far as Gregg goes what does his ability as a taxidermist have to do with this issue? I have seen his work also---so what? His abilities don't have anything to do with DU breaking the law do they? Sounds like you might have some sour grapes that you are wanting to spit out? Too bad that you can't get past your own insecurities Mike---then you could focus on the fact that DU broke one of the conservation laws that they are supposed to be so high on.

What? Dr. Phil?

This response submitted by Mike Barrus on 05/08/2004 at 12:46. ( )

Sorry, no insecurity here. Yes, DU broke the law. You never have? Oh but thats probably different. Chew them out, tell them you think its wrong, point out the law..but no, lets go turn them in. DU's huffing and puffing? You say I have sour grapes and am insecure?....check yourself first my friend. SOunds like you just plain don't like DU. Greggs talent and Ego have alot to do with why he would turn them in...he could't see past himself or his grand ideals and see that it actually was harmless and in the end may have raised some well needed funds. I'm sure he has never broke a law in his life. Get over yourself. It wasn't a blatent disregard... Some laws are just plain ignorant..I happen to feel the law regarding the donation of unclaimed waterfowl for sale, as long as the money goes to some sort of benefit of the ignorant.Just like 55mph speed limits on some of these long stretches of desolate highways. As far as being right or time you speed in your vehicle or "fracture" any other law...go turn yourself in pal. You never even come close to breaking a law on occassion do you...if you were Mother Theresa I'd say your right and move on....but I'm quite sure your not. And before you spew out your Dr. Phil analysis, try looking inward first...I do and thats why I can see I'm not perfect and really cannot expect everyone else to be. I just stated my opinion and explained why I think that just don't like it...I'm man enough to accept your opinion, I may not like or agree...but I accept it.


This response submitted by kinstelspec on 05/09/2004 at 14:03. ( )

I think its obvious to anyone that reads your comments that you do have some sort of problem with Gregg and your perception of his "ego". You keep harping on his "ego", "ideals", blah blah blah. Once again, even if his ego is enormous----how does it relate to DU breaking the law?
Guess what Mike----nobody cares if you think that some laws are "ignorant". Tell that to the next police officer that pulls you over for speeding on your desolated highway---I'm sure that will help you out in avioding a ticket huh?
By the way----nice try on your speeding vs. selling waterfowl comparision----but the last time I checked speeding was not a FEDERAL offense. Maybe that tiny detail slipped by that blob of goo that you call your brain?
By the way Mike---I send money to DU every year so I guess you are wrong about me not "liking" DU.
I don't see why you have your panties all bunched up over this---unless you were involved in it Mike. Why don't you tell us about your connection with this situation?
Any way that you look at it Mike both DU and you are wrong. If you don't like the law---spend your time and money and lobby to change it---then it can be to your "liking".
No amout of whining on your part will make you right. You say that you are a man but you sure don't act like one. All you can do is bash Gregg for his "ego". Let me guess--you are one of those people who want to give the "criminal" more consideration than the "victim"---how unsuprising.

Rant Rant

This response submitted by Mike Barrus on 05/10/2004 at 12:59. ( )

All I am saying, since you can't seem to understand is prespective. SO acoording to you federal laws, are more serious. Thats called jurisdiction, not level. Point out my so called whining. I answered your ego question as to how it relates...let me put in a different way....ever here the song "Celebrity"...points out how the bigger some people get the farther from reality they get and lose prespective. DU selling that bird should have been kept in proper prespective. Either you don't read complete posts or you just fly off the handle. My "panties" are in a bunch because I like the organization, and it bothers me when someone for no good reason other than self elation (EGO)tries to put a stain on it. As for changing the law..why? Why can't we just use common sense? Don't go out and kill waterfowl to mount for profit. If someone stiffs you, donate it to an organization that when sold the proceeds go back toward the ducks. What is wrong with that? How are the ducks the victim here as you put it? As for the next police officer....3 of my hunting partners are police officers, I have my degree in criminal justice and we talk about this kind of stuff often. Discretion is paramount in enforcing the law. I have answered your questions, something you don't address. I also could not care less on if you think I am a man or not. I'm sure this will go in one ear and out the other anyway, as there is nothing there to stop it, at least I have goo.


This response submitted by kinstelspec on 05/11/2004 at 10:24. ( )

let me guess---you passed your criminal justice courses with a D average. That would be the only explanation for your posts on this matter. Oh, and I would point to your whole post as "whining".
Let me make this as somple as I can for you Mike---that way---between you and your 3 cop friends you can understand it.
DU broke the law. The USF&WS dosen't care that Mike Barrus thinks that some people should be able to sell ducks and others are not allowed to. So once again, you should be talking to them to get the law changed.
I would say that the reason that Gregg knew the "law" on this matter is due to the fact that he is a taxidermist who mounts birds---some of which are goverened by these pesky laws. You have still not told us how Gregg benefits from this situation Mike----you know why----because he DOSEN'T. Gee Mike---for all of the money that DU makes you would think that they could afford to send a flyer to all chapters once a year that says---Please do not sell wild waterfowl at auction this year as doing so violates federal conservation laws. But wait Mike---they don't do that so that means that------uhhhhhh lets think now-----THEY WANT THE MONEY.
I'm still not sure how Gregg inflates his ego by turning DU in---if anything those guys would not recommend him for taxidermy work----but hey maybe thats your point right Mike? More work for you?
Hey Mike heres a thought for you----go to law school and become a criminal defense lawyer. Then you can try to twist and bend the law all day long and get paid for it. I just bet you would fit right in.


This response submitted by Mike Barrus on 05/11/2004 at 17:20. ( )

4.0 GPA until hit speech classes. D, no...C, noooo right at 3.8ish. Thanks any way, after learning so much about the law I don't care to do this everyday...not in Gregg's class or close enough to get any of his work. And you obviously just are not intelligent enough to comprehend what Ego answer your question one final time....His self adulation is his benefit"look what I did"..remember comments like "big DU"? "look at me I'm important"..we are right now feeding it by talking about it for almost a week. I know the law as it pertains to waterfowl, I follow it, but I don't like it.Not that I'll see an answer because I'm finished with you, but why are your panties all in a scrunch to use your great verbage? I am sorry I can't bring myself to use your adolescent words such as UHHHH so thats as far as that will get. Someday my friend a silly law enforced to the enth degree will burn you..then you'll see what I mean..until that time...I'm done with you...your dismissed.


This response submitted by kinstelspec on 05/12/2004 at 09:55. ( )

I truely am sorry that the people of New York have to put up with you. Guys like you are so easy to get----you think that because of your own perceived intellect that you can't possibly be wrong. I guess I am the only one that notices that you just keep making this about Gregg's ego. But then little Mikey both of us know why that is now don't we. You yourself know that DU broke the law. Too bad that the Mike Barrus "spin" dosen't make that fact go away.
As far as feeding Greggs ego by posting---maybe you forgot that you are the one that started this whole thread. So I guess that makes you the guilty one there also. It is interesting to observe people such as yourself Mike because they are so predictable.
You don't like Gregg on some level---so to deal with that you start bashing him on a public forum. I can't see where he did anything wrong---he isn't the one who broke any laws---but yet you treat him like he did.
If you want to believe that his ego is stoked because he turned DU in go ahead---obviously no amount of logical reasoning will change your mind. Hey---I bet that Gregg tells all of his customers that " I busted DU for selling wild ducks!" , now what can I mount for you today?
I guess its a good thing that you are not working in a field that is related to your "education" after all Mike.
Once again,my sympathies to the people of New York for your presence there.

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