Thanks to Taxi Chat

Submitted by Justin Sommer on 05/05/2004 at 17:09. ( )

I just want to tell everyone from Taxi Chat I really appreciate the help why waiting for my City Permit and letting me vent about the neighbor that was against me. The meeting didn"t go as well as I would have liked because they showed up ! but I answered the questions to the best of my knowledge and what I was going to plan on doing in each case. They did try to take low blows by having another local taxidermist against me. But the city council talked to more then just one taxidermist and seen through it. I be leave what they were talking about was that some people just drop dead deer off in the middle of the drive way and leave with out talking to the taxidermist first. Which in this town is against the City Code. Although I did win the war I have to follow a few rules that I hope I can work around while I do my business out of my garage. Soon I hope to be able to afford a better location so I don"t have the hassle but till then I will be working happily out of my garage 2 feet from my next door neighbors.

Thanks Again Justin Sommer
P.s. Bill if you see any spelling errors let me know !

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great news

This response submitted by MikeM on 05/05/2004 at 17:25. ( )

Justin, glad to hear it man!

that happens all the time in alberta

This response submitted by k on 05/05/2004 at 22:07. ( )

manya morning i went to the shop in my small town and there is a deer there on the back porch just the cape(still on the skull) minus the horns and a note saying "thought u could use this cape" and usually a can of beer with it...needless to say the conservation officers were i just tag them as donated and kept track of them and applied for permits...usually got to keep them

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