PA exam!

Submitted by Eric on 05/05/2004 at 19:05. ( )

YA-HOO! I passed! Just got my results.
I took the Big and small game portion. First try, I am shocked!

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This response submitted by Joe on 05/05/2004 at 20:25. ( )

Hey congratulations! I am going to take it in september. I am scared to death,That is what i want to take is the big game and mammal portion but i was wandering if they frowned apon not getting the general license,I'm glad to here that someone passed with a specialized license,I went to the class at the pta convention and they seemed to stress that everyone should strive to do the general license for reasons that i can understand, but my heart isn't in doing fish and birds, just game heads and mammals, maybe some day i will change my interest, I hope i can have the same results as you, congratulations again! c-ya Joe


This response submitted by TJ on 05/05/2004 at 21:53. ( )

My spouse was licensed last year, so we know how it is waiting for those results! I would like to take the test myself someday for birds only, more or less,, just curious to see if I pass! lol
Congrats again


This response submitted by Eric on 05/06/2004 at 07:07. ( )

Thanks for the kind words!
It's 7:05, just got in from turkey hunting. I blew it and MISSED a BIG longbeard!

I passed too....

This response submitted by Liz on 05/06/2004 at 15:34. ( )

I took the general permit test, and it wasn't hard, like everyone was saying it would be. I was all scared and worried about it, but there's nothing you can do once you are there. Just take your very best mounts. If you think that there is something wrong with your mounts that you have now, then you definitely have time to do some more before you go.



This response submitted by Ernie on 05/06/2004 at 16:04. ( )

Yes! Thank GOD! I passed. What an expierence. Hats off to all of the Examining Board. I thought I would be able to take care of the small mammal issue fairly easy so I spent the last 5 months engulfed in Bird studies and it payed off. Reference is definately the key.
Special thanks to all the Bird guys and their free advise. And thankthis forum.

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