Thanks Bob Sloan!

Submitted by Nujac on 05/06/2004 at 23:20. ( )

I just wanted to clear the air, and say thanks to Bob Sloan for mounting my Mallards! Bob did a real good job considering one of them was shot up pretty bad. The pair of Teal and Hooded Merganser, that he mounted for a fellow hunter, turned good as well. If anyone out there has the means to contact Bob, please tell him we said thanks, and no hard feelings. I have learned a great deal from this experience and irregardless of what has transpired, I wish him the best.
Happy Hunting,

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Lets hope no one has the "means"

This response submitted by George on 05/07/2004 at 09:45. ( )

That name is only synonymous with trouble on this site. Eugene, I'm glad it worked out for you (if in fact it did), but your even mentioning it here opens a lot of wounds. One "atta boy" doesn't make up for thousands of "gotcha's". Most of us don't share your appreciation.

George is now a judge of humans...knows all and more?

This response submitted by LittleCecil on 05/07/2004 at 14:06. ( )

Gee, "george" is now a self appointed Judge of humans. Is that all of the firewater consumed today? Or what?

I agree with George

This response submitted by J on 05/07/2004 at 14:26. ( )

Not on Bob, I never dealt direct with him but the other one name I will not even Mention that comes up with his a lot, but there was a crazy painter with the same name screwed me royally. He will still get what he has coming since it is filed with the internet fraud folks as well as the USFW

Can you imagine that?

This response submitted by George on 05/07/2004 at 19:08. ( )

Someone claiming to be "little Cecil". God help us. And BTW, I never imbibe in libations of any kind. I recognize my problem. How about you?

Funny thing is one of Bob's many email addys is

This response submitted by John C on 05/08/2004 at 21:19. ( )

I dont believe a word of nujac/eugene.

Sorry you feel that way John C

This response submitted by Nujac on 05/10/2004 at 23:39. ( )

I was simply saying thanks. I patiently waited a year and three months to have my ducks returned. I guess being a real hunter has taught me patience. (I first came to this website searching for someone that could simply provide a photo of a duck band. So that I could have on made to replace the one that I thought I would never see again.) If you live in the area, you can come over and see the birds yourself. Yep, original bird band and all. I live in Bedford just west of the DFW airport. Give me a holler if you are ever in the area. By the way, nice looking colt. Eugene

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