bush wants more of your money!

Submitted by Steve on 05/06/2004 at 23:20. ( )

Did anyone else see the news in todays paper in which bush has asked congress for an additional $25 Billion for the war? The administration had said it had enough money for the war to last until the end of 2004, but now has asked republican member of congress in a closed meeting for the additional $25 billion which to add to the $400 billion they allready are asking for. They also did this in secret without allowing Democratic members of Congess in to the meeting, which just shows again how sneaky and divisive this admin is when it comes to our money and security. Also, the person doing the asking is Deputy Defense Secretary, Paul Woldowitz. He is the guy who last week, while testifying before members of congress did not know the number of troops killed in Iraq. He said "It's approximately 500, of which -- I can get the exact numbers -- approximately 350 are combat deaths,". In reality the numbers at that time were 722 deaths, 521 in combat. The No. 2 man at the Pentagon was oblivious in the bloodiest month of the war, with the number of Americans killed in April overtaking those killed in the six-week siege of Baghdad last year. Is this who you want at the helm of our country? VOTE KERRY!

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Steve, maybe he's been preoccupied with

This response submitted by Cecil on 05/06/2004 at 23:26. ( )

the champagne bar lately? It would be interesting to see if Bush even knows the number. He's another one of Bush's "privledged" cabinet that opted out of going to Vietnam but it was O.K. for us "regular" people to go.

Kerry? Presidential material?

This response submitted by I can't believe it! on 05/07/2004 at 01:32. ( Someone who cares about this Country! )

How did Kerry ever even become Presidential material? A guy who has an atrocious Senate voting record? Socialized with the scum of the anti-war people like Jane Fonda - While our men died in Viet nam! And then to accuse all of his fellow comrades in arms of atrocites? On top of it the only thing I can see that he stands for now is to "let the UN do it"! The toothless tiger that even now is embroiled in a "Oil for humanitarian reasons" scandal! Lets get real! He shouldnt even be here! As presidential material he degrades the office! I'm ashamed of him!

Steve your just like Kerry

This response submitted by wetnwild on 05/07/2004 at 05:30. ( )

I suppose you are against giving the money like Kerry was to provide our troops the best equiptment, and enought troops to get the job done, and save lives also. Nobody ever said it was gonna be cheap!As for doing this in secret, that is so much democratic crap! This was on the news the day he asked for it. Go find a bunker to hide in , which i am sure keery did to stay alive after he got his purple heart for a splinter!

I not really crazy about

This response submitted by Nam veteran on 05/07/2004 at 05:57. ( )

either one, Bush or Kerry. But, to have a Viet Nam war record at all, you had to of at least been man enough not to find a way of avoiding going there in the first place.

When you have Communist Liberals......

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 05/07/2004 at 07:36. ( rwenglish1@aol.com )

When you have Communist Liberals, like Ted Kenndy, helping the enemy, and prolonging this war, with his statements, and comments, and his constant rally cries, of Hate Bush, at all cost, it cost more.

But, on the other hand, if the Communist liberals, like Ted Kenndy, and John Kerry get their way, you would'nt have any trouble giving them $25 billion from the United States funds, to pay off terorist, to stay away, or come into the US, which ever serves their purpose, to expand their liberal give away, dumbing down, and keep Americans on Welfare programs.

U.S. can't turn back now

This response submitted by anonymous on 05/07/2004 at 09:19. ( )

All will be lost In Iraq If they pull out
There needs to be positive control first

at least 1/10 of the Iraqis are doomed with Saddam

This response submitted by chinaman on 05/07/2004 at 10:50. ( )

You have to understand how a dictatorship works, it corrupts people, everybody, you have no choice but to be with them or suffer. the war in iraq will last for a period of time, they should have got rid of them during the attack last year. Those bad guys surely know they are doomed, so they choose to fight to death. Actually I believe they want to drag US soldiers there to avoid getting punished by good Iraqis. It'll the worst nightmare for them.

I know Steve

This response submitted by b bishop/ Republican on 05/08/2004 at 04:37. ( )

that is why I just sent him another c-note !

That's I am voting for Sharpton

This response submitted by JOhn C on 05/08/2004 at 21:23. ( )

Kerry is a coward and a liar. I dont know about Bush anymore.
Sharpton is suppose to be a preacher, well so was Martian Luther King and he had his traveling house of illrepute.
Thats it Sharpton's the man

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