Leopard skull legalities

Submitted by Bill H. on 05/07/2004 at 20:59. ( )

Does anyone know if it would be legal to sell a leopard skull here in the States. Would a guy need a cities permit?


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This response submitted by Raven on 05/07/2004 at 23:17. ( )

CITES (not Citites) is generally required only if selling it out of country. Hoever depending on your state there may be laws preenting it's sale, and if selling across state lines there may be additional laws laid out by the USFWS. So contact the USFWS, and ask them as a first step. Then ask them what state level of government would be responsible.. not sure if DNR has jurisdiction over non ative species...


This response submitted by Bill H. on 05/08/2004 at 00:22. ( )


Thanks for your prompt reply and correction to my typo. By the way it's "however" not "hoever", and it's "preventing" as opposed to "preenting", also I believe you meant "non-native" rather than "non ative" LOL

Thanks again!

Typos n such

This response submitted by Raven on 05/08/2004 at 09:58. ( )

LOL! Good eye... I wasn't pointing out a typo however - a lot of people call C.I.T.E.S. cities and even call it cities when talking to them. And if ya look - I typoed the 'cities' above anyway - LMAO! (called it citites). It was late and I was tired - haha! Anyway ya - start with the feds and the state you are in and the state you want to sell it to =)

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