Want to learn?

Submitted by Cur on 05/08/2004 at 01:40. ( Wildart@prodigy.net )

Check out my post under training.

Here is an opportunity to trade effort for training - at no cost! I need help, and am willing to teach museum taxidermy to willing participants, as well as provide room and board during the effort. No charge to participants. No dopers, no alcoholics, no welfare receiptients. If you are a hard working stiff who wants to better his or her product, apply for this chance to add to your skills.

One week minimum. You pay transportation, we cover the rest.

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Where are you located?

This response submitted by John on 05/08/2004 at 15:02. ( johnhunter37@yahoo.com )

Where are you located exactly?

He is down in Galvaston TX

This response submitted by John C on 05/08/2004 at 21:16. ( )

You can learn a lot for a little price.

Bill Learning Opportunity

This response submitted by wetnwild on 05/09/2004 at 07:12. ( )

I have done business with Bill in the past, of course i failed his TYPING course LOL, but Bill is the best of the best. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for somebody. Bill does not normally teach, but if he did there are very few that could afford his talents . Knowing the work level he thrives at, you could expect tp pay literraly thousands per wek for what you will learn! OK now Bill!, lets get a team on that viper! ROFLMAO!

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