Facts not opinion

Submitted by Randy D. on 05/07/2004 at 08:15. ( )

These are facts not opinions. A mountain lion skull was found 2 hundred yards from my shop. So it is proff that mountain lions are native to the UP. But the fact is the skull was taking from my back yard by something. Fact is there are no mountain lions in The UP. The only way there would be is if someone let them loose say a domestic cat. No evendence ever or proff just opinions. Fact is the us fish and wildlife are puttind chemicals in the river behind my house to kill lampreys. Fact is it also kills other fish. This goes on at least every two years and will never take care of the problem. Just hold them at bay. These fish come into the rivers to spawn and lay their eggs. Answer put a net in trap net. Catch them when they come into spawn put the other fish back just keep out the lampreys. I was told this would cost to much to do. I said put the net in I would do the work free of charge. Then I was told. Oh we would have to get the state to approve it. Also it would be to hard. Why because I would elimate your job. Just Like the cormorant problem we pay a lot of money out and nothing gets finished. If the problem does not affect me who cares. Thats the general publics view. Too many opinions and not enough Facts. When its a fact dont give me your opinion unless you have the absalute truth or the full story behind the opinion. Randy D.

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This response submitted by Bill Yox on 05/07/2004 at 22:21. ( )

Randy, thats a pretty busy backyard you got there!

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