"It is Great to know that there are still American Heros !

Submitted by William on 05/07/2004 at 09:03. ( w.chambers@hotmail.com )

What makes America a great country to live in ? I feel owning my own Taxidermy shop and having the freedoms we have makes it really great. It is also great to realize we still have American heros like Sen John Kerry , i served in 'nam and like Sen. Johm McCane , a Republican and war vet. and also a good friend of John Kerrys ,I feel he is a great man as well as will be a great leader. The Republicans are spending all that big campaign money digging everywhere to make Kerry's war record and some events that happened after the war tarnish his image . Sen . McCane made a statement not long ago saying " Sen. Kerry fought in Vietnam ,risking his life, when most of those that are condeming him never left the USA " . That is a quote from a Republican . As we all know some hid in the Air National Guard and others like Chaney , when asked about not serving in Vietnam , he remarked " I had other interests going on " . In other words on this war issue the Republicans are fighting a no win battle . I have read alot about George W. Bush ,both good and bad, and I feel like he is a decent man , a good old boy from arich Texas family , that never had a job growing up and liked his whiskey, I feel that ,like many others feel , that he is on the dumb side ,when he was first elected when he was interviewed he had that scared to death " deer in the head lights" look . Then 9-11 happened and it changed the way we all look at things . Bill O' Riley , on the Republican Fox News Network has said many times that if this Iraq War coninues with all the loss of life and billions of American tax payers money spent to rebuild a country that don't want us there, Pres. Bush will have no chance at all of being reeleced in Nov. Think about it if after 9-11 the Bush whitehouse had of spent all the billions that we are spending in Iraq on Homeland defense and on the needs of our Country we would have been a safer and better place . You all will say Saddam was an evil man and needed over thrown , that is true but what about North Korea and Iran that we know already has WMD's. The sanctions put on Iraq by Bill Clinton had weakened Saddam greatly . Then the thing that bothers me the worse and it for some reasons is kept as quiet as possible is the Bush family connections with the Bin Liden family . Most Americans don't realize that the morning of 9-11 , Bin Lidens brother was having breakfast with former Pres. Bush and was secretly rushed out of the country as soon as possible . Bin Liden is from Saudia Arabia ,just like 15 0f the highjackers were . So when you Republicans spread trash and lies better look in the Bush closet you might be surprised at what you find . When John Kerry picks his running mate next month look for his numbers to soar . Allan Greenspan said yesterday this Country has to stop this massive debeit that continues to rise daily . Another 4 years of George W. Bush and this proud country of ours will never get out of the red and don't be surprised to see us sadly still fighting in Iraq years from now because, George W. was wrong when he landed on the carrier over a year ago and said " Mission Accomplished" Billions of dollars and lives have been lost since that date, and the mission is far from being accomplished .........

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More liberal retoric

This response submitted by Bill on 05/07/2004 at 09:36. ( )

"The Republicans are spending all that big campaign money digging everywhere to make Kerry's war record and some events that happened after the war tarnish his image ".Your quote.
If I remember right, John Kerry started this first demanding that the President disclose his Nat'l Guard records. But, service in "nam does not in itself qualify Kerry to be President.Why don't you look at his voting record for the last 20 years. He is probably the least qualified man in the Senate for the job.

William, give me a freakin break

This response submitted by George on 05/07/2004 at 09:41. ( georoof@aol.com )

How long did YOU stay in Vietnam? How long did John McCain stay in Vietnam. Well, I stayed 13 months. John McCain stayed 7 years. John Kerry spent THREE MONTHS and got enough medals to make Audey Murphy pale in comparison. You don't have a clue do you? Bill Clinton's sanctions WORKED? Oh yeah, they worked all right. People like you are living proof that war experience shouldn't be a signpost to qualifications and certainly not to valid opinions. If President Bush doesn't stand a chance for re-election, what are you whining about then? After all, Kerry has enough money to pay off the US National Debt if he'd have his wife stop moving all the Heinz billions off shore.

You're one of the same whiners who would have screamed bloody murder if George Bush had even ATTEMPTED to put protections in place like we live with today BEFORE September 11, 2001. You're just a Monday morning quarterback and like them, just another loser.

Somone finnaly said it

This response submitted by Roadkill on 05/07/2004 at 13:08. ( gossard@gtelco.net. )

Most politicians could raise or foot the bill for the national debt anyday. That is the reason it continues to grow. It isn't a big deal to them. it is a completly obtainable goal for them to cover that anmount of money so they don't worry about it.
Republicans spend, Democrates pinch, but what is the big picture here. Our freedom!
If any of the current politicians had half the class, and honesty and fortitude and intergrity that they claim to have we would not have to worry about who gets voted in.
You are simply voting for the lesser of two evils as far as I am concerned.
IF you look into political histories of empires and how freedom and democricies have fell apart, you will find the same problems facing them at this time in their streach. All the great demorcrasies have fallen around 200 years. Ours is over 200 years and it is mainly because we have the constitution. Until it is voted to be changed, LIke the democrats have already started to do, we will continue in a free state. As soon as the constitiution is droped, we will change instantly into a dictatorship.
We are the reason we are free. we vote and we make the disisions, at least we should be.
All of us need to be more interested in what is really going on, and do some good thinking. We will stay free as long as the constitution is in place like it is and is never changed. Any politition that attempts to change it should be dropped or voted out or not voted in.

I hate to say this

This response submitted by scott on 05/09/2004 at 11:31. ( )

I see our country in a major landslide.Why in the world are gas prices $2.00 plus a gallon when we go in and take over Iraq and can have all the oil we want.I see taxes on everything from,vehicles,homes,pleasure vehicles,tobacco,fuel,food,etc,etc.I see no perfect presidential candidates.I see major drought issues in some parts of the country affecting crops.I know there are families who are scraping to get by since more and more products are being made in Mexico for cents on the dollar.There are alot of immigrants coming here and are working for nothing forcing out jobs for Americans.Where is it ever going to end? I don't feel it will.It is all building up for a major catastorphy.Daycare prices run $5.00 an hour for a couple kids,factor in gas prices,taxes,housing,clothing,food,monthly bills,etc and families are in the red.I have noticed an incline in bankruptcies.Thus resulting in insurance companies gouging us for premiums.With all the nessecities,a guy needs to take in $5,000 to $8,000 a month to live comfortably.

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