Submitted by Steve Rotramel on 05/12/2004 at 12:49. ( rotramel@midwest.net )

Have you been reading the editorials lately?

Has there ever been a time when the necessity of our leadership (primarily the president) making right decisions been more crucial? Maybe, maybe not.

Have we gotten past the thinking that we are dealing with a bunch of raggedy bedouins seeking to make a statement by blowing something up? We can see their complaint. They generally live poor, dirty, struggling lives. We can feel a little guilty about our relative opulence.

And so we can approach them with the same hopeful innocence that made Nick Berg so bold to make a statement for peace, the brotherhood of man, the power of love.

But we should do it with open eyes. The truth is that the people we are dealing with live in a culture of despair so profound that they willingly give their children up to be killed, to be literally blown to bits, on purpose. A culture of blood and death that glorifies beheading an innocent person in retaliation for being "dissed". We think we can understand; we've got the same thing happening in our country - in Compton and Watts.

The difference being of course that the Bloods and Crips have no national delusion of the unction and direction of almighty God. Can we imagine living amongst a people who believe to their core that they must kill the "enemies of Allah" in order to be loved and accepted by him? Is there an effective antidote to that thinking? Mutual love and respect? A widescreen HDTV? A steady job? A dozen doughnuts?

What do we do?

There is a real, persistent, growing danger to the United States of America. It comes in the form of a group of nations, gaining in power every day, who have picked us out to be the object of the hatred of their enraged god. They have the money, and can get the weapons. There are the French and Germans after all. Secondarily, the ridiculous short-sightedness of some of our own editorialists and politicians, mainly on the left, contributes by having us whistle through the cemetary, taking all the blame and hiding our heads, until we literally lose them.

Like it or not, NOW is the time to squarely face the truth. Some people do hate us for no good reason. Some people will never want to be our friends no matter what we give up. Some religions are evil.

May God help our President, and may we all stand with him, for the sake of our country and future generations.

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It's too bad our president does not know what was meant

This response submitted by Cecil on 05/12/2004 at 14:17. ( )

when Harry Truman said, "The buck stops here." Has anyone else noticed a pattern with our CIC? He NEVER EVER takes responsibility or admits when he has made a mistake. He apoligized for the prisoner abuse to the King of Jordon -- not some of the Iraqi's. That's like apoligizing to Canada for something that was done to the U.S. He never runs out of ways to insult cultures because he has no clue about other cultures. He was never out of the U.S. before he became president-- how could we expect him to?

Sure we're dealing with scumbags, but we are reaping the harvest of our CIC's naitivity and foolishness by getting us immersed in the hell hole of the world. The bible says to judge a prophet by his fruits. Bush is no prophet but ever since we got Bush as our illegitimate president we have been reaping problems. ABB

He Sure Was (out of the Country)

This response submitted by john on 05/12/2004 at 14:59. ( )

,he was in Mexico on numerous occasions.

Cecil, the real shame is your myopia

This response submitted by George on 05/12/2004 at 15:15. ( georoof@aol.com )

You're mentally blinded in your hate of an honest man doing the best he can with the resources available. How do you sleep at night? If you're that lily white, I can understand the trumped up charges and innuendos, but I doubt you are. He apologize to the King of Jordan BECAUSE that was the yahoo who cancelled a state visit because of the situation. That's the yahoo who is considered the "stabilizing force" in the area. DUH! And just who in Iraq WOULD you suggest he apologize to? And just who the hell in Iraq is apologizing to US for the beheading they televised yesterday? I think your cute ABB must stand for Absolutely Brain Burned. People like you deserve a John Kerry or even better, a Ralph Nader.

BTW, your "boy" Kerry, regardless of the CNN polls, is having a tough time refuting all the "NO" votes he's cast against military spending over the past decade. A lot of those votes were 98-2 against his votes. Wonder who #2 must have been? Wouldn't have been that fat Massachusetts Siamese twin of his, would it?

Dream on Georgy! LMAO

This response submitted by Cecil on 05/12/2004 at 15:55. ( )

You can refute what I say all you want, but deep down you know this administration has so many flaws it looks like junk table at a flea market. I hate no one, unlike your friendly right wing that goes around labeling everyone "liberal" or "unpatriotic" if they do not agree with them.

BTW, the scumbags that beheaded that poor man were probably not Iraqis. They're those Al Queda folks we seem to have completely forgotten about in our diversion in Iraq.

As far as the "No" votes on military expendetures, you know as well as I do much of that was done after the cold war ended and we needed to change or military mission. Ask Trent Lott about those ships that are being built in his homestate that the military does not want or need. If the military got everything they wanted in hardware we'd be bankrupt. And if you hadn't noticed it was proven that we have gone to far with high tech vs. human intelligence on the ground. Try again Georgy.


This response submitted by George on 05/12/2004 at 17:26. ( )

You're beginning to sound like Stephanopolis now. YOU said that the Iraq war and Al Quaida had no connections a few months back. How then did they get into Iraq to do this dastardly deed?

Why can't you be honest with yourself and admit that these people, regardless of what name they go by are most likely part of Saddam's Republican Guard who folded their tents and ran away in the dark during our initial invasion. Those bastards never changed their colors. They weren't all killed. They're still fighting guerilla warfare without uniforms. Sure they were Iraqi; either by birth or by affiliation.

I repeat, you are so blinded by your hate, you make up "facts" as you go. There never WAS a cold war and even your brain trust Kerry now says that had not Ronald Reagan insisted on building our military up when he did, the USSR would never have fallen as unexpectedly or as suddenly. Mikhail Gorbechev even stated that the Soviets went bankrupt INSTEAD of us because of Reagans tactics and visions. Stop trying to rewrite historical facts. And those ARE facts, Cecil. CNN or MSNBC won't tell you those, but those are part of Kerry's own words as scripted in Newsweek (another liberal rag). See, I don't spend all my time on Fox or the Washington Times. You can't be objective unless you see and hear BOTH sides of the agenda.

Kerry's no votes didn't end during that time either. He's on record in the last 4 years of voting against most military funding which DID include armored personnel carriers, better bullet proof vests, the Bradley, the B-2, and the F-18 upgrades. I'm not labeling you any names Cecil. You're doing it to yourself with your ineptitude in grasping reality. Even Kerry hasn't come on line to refute those comments. So where is your head. I'll give you a big benefit of the doubt and tell you it's stuck in the sand, though I fear it's lodged anatomically.

Hey Cecil!

This response submitted by Steve Rotramel on 05/12/2004 at 17:59. ( )

Not sure if you could have proven at least some of my points any better.

These are genuine questions that I hope you will answer.

Laying partisanship aside for a second, who do you think is responsible for all the Arab hatred against the US starting with the hostages in Tehran, including all the hijackings, bombings, varied and sundry assasinations since then, when we (meaning Americans) have done nothing to them?

Do you think it will end if we become isolationist, or better yet, give in to all their demands at all times? And where do you think it will end and why?

Do you really see a difference between any of the fundamentalist Islamic sects? Do you not notice the continuing trend of burgeoning political power in that direction?

What happens when all (or most) of the Arab states become fundamentalist Islamic states, with clearly stated and demonstrated goals of destroying the US and Israel? What do we do then?

What about taxidermy?

This response submitted by A REAL Taxidermist on 05/12/2004 at 19:26. ( )

How about shutting up about politics and talk about taxidermy? Isn't this a TAXIDERMY SITE?

How about shutting up about politics and talk about taxidermy? Isn't this a TAXIDERMY SITE?

How about shutting up about politics and talk about taxidermy? Isn't this a TAXIDERMY SITE?

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