Need prices for DNR claim

Submitted by Deb on 05/12/2004 at 13:51. ( )

I"m looking for replacement costs for some fur that was confiscated by the DNR in a case against one of my clients. They took the fur during an investigation and told me the freezer went out and the fur was ruined. All charges were dismissed by the judge (everything WAS done legally), and I would now like compensation for the fur that they lost. I hold the receipt as I purchased this fur from my customer.

If anyone out there could give me honest replacement costs for (1) large, prime, competition quality otter and (2) average, prime, fishers I would appreciate it. All fur was from northern Wisconsin and was skinned for lifesize, fleshed, and green frozen.

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Why no email address?

This response submitted by JL on 05/12/2004 at 20:58. ( )

It would be easier to respond to your request if you left an email address.I would be happy to help your client but not to an anonymous attorney. JL

I am not an attorney.....

This response submitted by Deb on 05/13/2004 at 13:40. ( )

I am a taxidermist who had the DNR come in to investigate one of my customers. They confiscated, then ruined some of the fur I had purchased from him. The trial is now over and the charges were dismissed......Nothing was done illegaly. I now want compensation for the furs they took.

If you can give me the value of the above furs and feel better about doing it in an email my address is Please put FUR PRICES in the subject line.

Thanks much-

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