Share your stinkiest experience

Submitted by Scott on 05/11/2004 at 15:40. ( )

Please share some of your biggest mistakes in taxidermy that caused the stinkiest experience.

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This response submitted by x on 05/11/2004 at 15:45. ( )

both mink glands at the same time and a piece of one hit me on the lip under the nose!

Moose or Whale

This response submitted by Raven on 05/11/2004 at 16:10. ( )

2 experiences... you decide which is worse... both are skeletal related because as most people here know Im an osteo guy more than a skin guy...

1) Moose

Cleaning a skeleton for Algonquin Provincial Park. While macerating the carcass on my property, some of the nearest neighbours decided they weren't too keen on the wonderful aromas wafting around the neighbourhood. Though they never mentionned their displeasure to me directly - they did have the police come by for a chat. A VERY beautiful police lady had quite the chuckle over the situation as they were expecting to find my wife or I dead and rotting in a recliner in the living room ;) I told her all would be taken care of within a couple of days and all was well =)

2) Whale

There have been several whales I have had a hand in harvesting skeletons from. 60 tonnes of dark sperm whale laying on a sunny beach for three days before we made the initital incisions... you can imagine how ripe it was inside - only to get worse as work progressed. The pressure built up inside from the gases as it decomposed internally was mind blowing.. a gout of blood sprayed out into the ground with the force of a fire hydrant opened full go.

I could mention a third actually.... a porcupine....

3) Porcupine

I removed the skin and entrails and tossed the remainder into a 5 gallon pail to work on later (we were on vacation and I spotted the road kill and wanted it for my collection). Well I never did get around to working on it later. 6 months passed before I opened the pail. It had copmpletely macerated in its' own juices and after fermenting for such a period... I would be remiss to not include it in my top three.

cut into a pet skunk to find it was operational

This response submitted by Jerred. on 05/11/2004 at 16:41. ( )

I had a friend of mine call me to see if I could mount up a pet skunk his landlord had. The problem was I didn't know the skunk had never been descented.It was dead of winter in my basement shop, I had done some Vent work on my furnace, and I had not hooked the vent backup to the duct work in my shop. Well started to make a cut for case skinning this Pet skunk, when BAMM, right in the face and my Kisser.Started cursing like a sailor and when I calmed down for afew minutes, I called my friend up and told him in not so calm of words , I thought this skunk was a decented Pet. He only replied that his older Landlord stated that he had a hard time of seeing at nite and the skunk was a solid Black one, much like a cat. The skunk was a pet that he would feed it from out the back door of his house.
Well he went on to say that I didn't tell you he kept the skunk as a pet in the House and most Pet skunks are decented.
I guess their was a mis- communication on the specifics of a pet or a house pet skunk. The smell went through my house like a wind storm. The temperature had dropped below freezing that nite. We had to leave the doors open all nite to air the house out. I'll never skin another skunk again. True story Jerred.

Ever have a freezer go bad in summer!

This response submitted by John on 05/11/2004 at 16:46. ( )

I had one shut down for approximately 2 weeks before I noticed and lost 1/2 doz. nice walleye, some pheasants and a few other items that are very odorous. Needless to say after that long of a time frame there was about 4-5 inches of a very dark, very fragrant fluid on the bottom of the freezer. Of course just dumping the fluid out behind the building wasn't the brightest thing since the wind it blew the stench rite into our bedroom! My wife was not a happy camper. I did have 2 doz. wet tanned deer capes in there also and they were just fine after I washed them.

turkey innards, no time frame

This response submitted by birdgirl on 05/11/2004 at 18:55. ( )

for them, they stink when they are still alive like a sewer and a trashcan in the heat all day.I dont know why their guts smell so bad but it is one of the stinkiest things I have ever done.

Another..Freezer in Summer...

This response submitted by BWS on 05/11/2004 at 23:32. ( .... )

When i was just doing taxi as a hobby, i had a freezer out in the shop that i stored my practice skins on. Well, it was one of those old metal ice cream freezers w/ the cracks around the 2 lids...anyhow i had went to the processors and picked up several pig skins to practice leather work on. I never got around to doing those skins or anything else in there until about a month later. I suppose the freezer had went out the day after i throwed those pigs in there, cause when i went back into the shop you could hear rattling sounds caused from the maggots. Needless to say...that was a stinking mess!

Oh, and almost forgot...had a guy bring in a raccoon for was a road kill that had set in the back of his truck for 2 the summer. Desperate for practice, me and my husband skinned it out w/ Vicks under out noses. lol

Sheila, whose thankful for freezer alarms!

roadkill fawn

This response submitted by *** on 05/12/2004 at 08:10. ( )

the worst i have had was skinning a pre-weaned fawn for a lifesize.
the weather was warm and i dont know how long it had been in the road, but it had evidently been run completely over. all the inards were burst and the milk from the stomach had leached through most of the body cavity. the skin was separated from the muscle in places from the impact and the rancid milk was in those little pockets too.

roadkill, topped with rancid milk and other guts......nasty.

Stinkiest Experience

This response submitted by Leanna on 05/14/2004 at 08:40. ( )

Grabbing Bill Yoxes ass at the 2001 World Show.

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