What happened to Geniva Convention

Submitted by anonymous on 05/11/2004 at 18:09. ( )

What doesn't anybody respect the geniva convention any more?

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You have to sign to honor it first.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 05/11/2004 at 19:14. ( )

Few nations are scripted to the Geneva Convention. There are limitations on how things are handled. Its very indepth, Thomas Pappas the Major incharge of the Prison in Iraq was once a honorable officer, I have to think if he allowed the mistreatment of prisoners he was following orders.

Terrorist such as those of the Burg killing do not follow the GC.

Pappas, was 2nd Brigade 1Armored Divison S-2 in 90-91

This response submitted by John C on 05/11/2004 at 20:15. ( )

Hum, just wondering who really issued the order? This is not something that lower enlisted would do on thier own. After all the accountablity always falls on the lower ranking soldiers.

Guess the next time noone will release the pictures!

Is'nt if funny, no Kenndy.........

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 05/11/2004 at 20:40. ( rwenglish1@aol.com )

I did not hear or see and liberal comunist pigs crying fowl, with the display of pictures of Eric Berg. I guess they think it is ok to kill an American, but the devil they worship, forbid, if they show one picture of a naked Iraqi prisoner.

They make me want to puke, every body should be demanding that we go in there an take that place to the ground, until all them alike minded thinking bass-turds, are dead.

Just my opinion, and I am not afraid to express it, if you don't like it you can kiss my bass.

Beheaded Hostage

This response submitted by oldshaver on 05/11/2004 at 20:43. ( )

Today they beheaded a hostage in response to torture photos. As Rush said today, what our soldiers did is the equivalent of college hasing. These sick bastards cut someones head off! The democratic, liberal media is responsible for this man loosing his head! In their effort to slam Bush, and his cabinet, they are causing more than just an election year scandal.

What does Bastard mean?

This response submitted by anonymous on 05/11/2004 at 21:03. ( )

It means to be without a spiritual father more so then
the natural father

Was that a american soldier?

This response submitted by anonymous on 05/11/2004 at 21:07. ( )

I wasn't clear If It was a american soldier or contractor?

He was just a contractor that put up sattilite towers

This response submitted by Cecil on 05/11/2004 at 21:58. ( )

There's more to the story that will be coming out. And sadly he won't be the last to be executed like this. Lots of targets. I hope they get the perpretraters!

Randal and Oldshaver you're full of crap though. I see lots of liberals upset about the deheading of this man. If you'd turn off Rush Lardass for a minute and listen to the real news you see that.

To blame this on the liberals is about as dumb as you get. You can't be serious.

Your mentality where you divide the world between liberals and yourself is really getting old.

Cecil, I almost agreed with you

This response submitted by George on 05/11/2004 at 22:29. ( georoof@aol.com )

Till you got to the part about listening to the "real news". Just where do you suppose I might find THAT? Certainly not the Communist News Network or Media's Socialist Network Broadcasting Commune. May YOU'D better find a real news outlet.

Wow George you almost agreed with me again!

This response submitted by Cecil on 05/11/2004 at 23:28. ( )

That would have been the third time! That would have been spooky! LOL

real news

This response submitted by rich on 05/12/2004 at 00:03. ( )

go to www.sftt.com or www.g2mil.com

To say

This response submitted by Liz on 05/12/2004 at 10:38. ( )

That this beheading was in response to the prisoner abuse is just an excuse. What excuse did they use when they beheaded Daniel Pearl, the reporter?

As I've said before....any reasonable person can NOT make an argument by comparing the things we do with the things they do. It is just an invalid knee jerk response to justify things. We cannot compare ourselves to terrorists....we are not terrorists and they are not civilized people. How can you compare our actions. OUR actions must stand on their own merits, right or wrong. And they must be judged on their own merits as US citizens based on our morals and values. If you want to judge them based on anything else, you are wrong.

International law...

This response submitted by gordon on 05/12/2004 at 11:22. ( )

International law is out the door. It has been for some time now. It is a free for all, now. I predict it will be for some time...

The GC was for another world, time and place. More than likely it was always in our immaginations more than in facts...

The GC has been breached by all sides in most conflicts. The victors more than not justify there way out of it and the loosers well...

Gordon, excellent post

This response submitted by George on 05/12/2004 at 13:46. ( )

It WAS for another time. What WE need to do is start acting like they do. Maybe WE could put the fear of Allah in THEM like the Israelis do by answering in kind, ALWAYS. Fat Ted Kennedy and his PC cult scream at the thought, but if you look at what Pershing did in the Phillippines nearly 100 years ago stopped the Muslim "extremism" totally. Terrorism only works when the terrorists take solace in the fact that it's non-reciprical. In South America less than 25 years ago, kidnappings and murder were the order of business for multinational corporations until THEY started hiring mercinaries to go in and kill the families of the kidnappers. Once the kidnappers found that they were endangering their own families by their actions, it all suddenly disappeared. God help America if we don't wake up and see that these are not rational people we are dealing with and that they only understand one means of achieving their ends. We COULD stop it. But Americans have already forgotten the feelings of desperation on Sept. 11, 2001 like they've forgotten Ted Kennedy's transgressions. We are doomed to failure as long as we allow the bleeding hearts of politicians decide our destiny.

No I am not serious

This response submitted by oldshaver on 05/12/2004 at 18:12. ( )

Cecil, I dont mean that liberals are litterally responsible for a man loosing his head. I am saying that the media was careless with their news blitz of prisoner mis-treatment during war time. The Pentagon tried to stop the release, knowing that it would only add fuel to the arab fire. Our liberal media will do anything to help get Bush out of office. If bill clinton was in office, we would have never heard of the abuses!

I think we should......

This response submitted by Randal R Waites on 05/12/2004 at 18:21. ( rwenglish1@aol.com )

let Ted Kennedy take care of,them teroist, he could take them for a ride to Chappaquiddick, he would know how to dispose of them.


A Taxidermy Site? What happened?

This response submitted by A REAL Taxidermist on 05/12/2004 at 19:33. ( )

How about shutting up about politics and talk about taxidermy? Isn't this a TAXIDERMY SITE?

How about shutting up about politics and talk about taxidermy? Isn't this a TAXIDERMY SITE?

How about shutting up about politics and talk about taxidermy? Isn't this a TAXIDERMY SITE?

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Real taxidermist

This response submitted by piss off on 05/12/2004 at 20:16. ( )

The only animal you probablly ever mounted, was that goat in the back of Granddads barn!LOL

Just go to other catagories

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 05/12/2004 at 22:34. ( rwenglish1@aol.com )

I have found, that if you go to the Taxidermy Industry, you can get all you need in life, I don't watch tv, I don't get the paper, and I like coming to the Taxidermy Industry,(sorry, cut and pasted that from my first sentence) I don't open all post, some I close quickly, but it shows you what the people are made up of in here. You get to watch over the years to see how many are committed, how many mature, how many realize they were wrong, or right on things. But you do not have to go to the Taxidermy Industry,(sorry, cut and pasted that from my first and third sentence). This is still a free Country, and a free site, so you still have the right to go else where, it is not like this is the only catagory for you browse, and feel bitter about.

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