Will the REAL John Kerry stand up

Submitted by George on 05/14/2004 at 10:51. ( georoof@aol.com )

Any person enjoying the outdoors or making a living from the outdoors has much to worry about if John Kerry is the best they can come up with for President. Kerry is not a member of the Congressional Sportsmen"s Caucus (www.sportsmenslink.org). Worst, he was the Antis" champion and led the opposition against polar bear trophy imports when we amended the Marine Mammal Protection Act. More recently, The Humane Society of the United States, scored him as one of their žheroes of the 107th CongressÓ. He continually written letters in making the CITES requirements more strenuous without biological proof. He's personally been instrumental in prohibition of import into the US of polar bears. This guy, like those who support him, just doesn't have a clue. But you won't see this on CNN or MSNBC or any of the major networks.

Go to www.sportsmenslink.org and find out where this real Zero stands on you making an honest living or enjoying your favorite pastime

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I agree.....and...

This response submitted by Doug on 05/14/2004 at 12:26. ( )

Democrats..Kerry in particular...are no friends of sportsmen for the above reasons AND MORE. One the other hand, republicans...Bush in particular...are no better. Sure, he concedes a parcel here and a park there to pacify environmentalists(known by republicans as "tre-huggers"), but over the long haul the republican record on the environment rates lower than a snake's belly in a wheel rut. By virtue of their droning of ECONOMIC GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT "ad nauseum," it doesn't take much gray matter to realize that wildlife habitat continues to get RAPED at an ever increasing rate. I'll be closing my eyes and holding my nose when I vote in November. Both parties and both candidates are BAD NEWS for sportsmen(and taxidermists). BTW George...How's the "development" of that corn field down the road from your house coming along? The factory across the street from me is just about ready to create some more jobs(LMAO)!

Wildlife Mis-management

This response submitted by Jessie on 05/14/2004 at 12:56. ( alfaro@epix.net )

Where can we find a good candidate? Does anyone know one? I am not happy with Bush's environmental record...but Kerry scares me more! Small business suffer the most under a democrat President. They tax the bejeezus out of us! We are really suffering here in Pennsylvania under Ed Rendell as Governer. He keeps raising the taxes, and making it harder and harder for us to hire anyone. I'd rather have Bush any day, over Kerry as President. It is the small business that hire MOST of the people in this country. It is a gross misconception that the big business are the ones that make the difference.

Where's Teddy Roosevelt

This response submitted by Dan S. on 05/14/2004 at 13:04. ( )

when we need him the most? I'm so tired of this political party crap. It's time for a true conservationalist Republican to come forward. It's like the Republican party has decided that the environment is a Democrat issue, so they automatically take the other side. I wish Bush would take a stand for the sportsmen. He will still get my vote, but he needs to change his stance on these issues.

We'll have to learn to work together

This response submitted by Superpig on 05/14/2004 at 14:20. ( )

Democrats and Republicans have to find a way (and rather quickly) to work together on all issues, whether environmental issues, or economical issues. If we don't start using our combined resources together for the good of everyone, this whole planet is going to the dump.

Afterall we all breath the same air, drink the same water and eat the same food. Polution and destruction of our planet is affecting all of us and once things are so bad that we are being polluted just by breathing the air, I don't think Mother Nature will care whether you are a democrat or republican. It won't matter then who is in charge. There won't be anyone left to be governed.

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