Jeanette Hall

Submitted by Amy Hugon on 05/14/2004 at 19:11. ( )

Jeanette - our treasurer just got what appears to be the priority mail envelope from your registration. Somewhere along the line, someone opened it and stole the paperwork & check, leaving the PriorityMail envelope and a partial internal envelope. We're assuming it's yours based on partial address, partial city, zip code.
Please call ITA Treasurer Carol Clemmens at 208-853-8043 so we can get this lined out.
We are looking forward to having youat our show!
Amy Hugon
ITA Secretary

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This response submitted by Lance H on 05/15/2004 at 23:04. ( )

Before you jump to that irresponsible conclusion, I encourage you to take the package to your local Postmaster and report the damage to the container. Chances are very likely that the automated address reading and sorting equipment now used universally by the USPS caught the envelope in a conveyor incorrectly and you got what was left. It happens fairly frequently. And theft is unlikely since any employee of the USPS that gets caught even opening the envelope, let alone stealing the contents, will be terminated on the spot. I doubt that Jeanette sent anything that compares to the annual salary and pension of a federal employee. I'm sure you agree that it is more appropriate to say that you received her application unsealed and the contents have been lost.

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