contract question

Submitted by Becky P on 05/16/2004 at 23:13. ( )

Do most of you give the customer a duplicate copy of their signed contract? I'm rewriting mine and I'm undecided as to wether I should get them made as carbonless duplicates or just singles.
Thanks, BP

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I have a 3 part form

This response submitted by George on 05/16/2004 at 23:46. ( )

I have a white, yellow,and pink 3 part with the entire contract printed on carbonless paper. When the specimen is dropped of, the contract is completed and the customer is given the pink copy. Upon completion, the customer is given the yellow copy stamped "PAID" and I retain the white copy for my records.


This response submitted by Leah on 05/16/2004 at 23:47. ( )

I have carbonless duplicates. They get the copy. They sign it off at the bottom, so there won't be any dispute over condition of the cape later.If it's frozen you can't very well examine it to see if it was caped out properly. Everything is written on there, position, panel type, deposit amount, balance remaining. I find it saves a lot of headaches in the long run. After all, they signed it.

Same as above except

This response submitted by Vic on 05/17/2004 at 08:53. ( )

the bottom copy is their's weather they take it at drop off or pick up. Here we have to keep two copies at all times, incase the DNR wants/needs one.


This response submitted by Becky P on 05/17/2004 at 09:40. ( )

That's what I was thinking about doing, but just wanted to see how others did it. I'm also going to check into the three part forms.
Thanks again, BP

we use a four part

This response submitted by buzzi on 05/18/2004 at 12:36. ( )

carbonless. The last copy for the game department, the third copy for the client upon recival of trophy, the second copy is mailed when work is completed, the original is retained for our records. We also have them sequentially numbered........001 through 2500...then we start over again on the numbering.

If you don't carry insurance on your clients trophies, state so on the Invoice, as well as a clause to be able to sell their trophies if not picked up within 30 days or written certified notice. Have them sign and date the Invoice......then give them the third copy.

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