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Submitted by Dan on 05/17/2004 at 09:33. ( )

I have a customer going to Argentina duck and goose hunting, Is there special permits or licenses I need to take these birds in? I would appreciate any response from someone knowledgable with the importing of these birds, Thanks,...Dan.

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Friday 5/14

This response submitted by Old Fart on 05/17/2004 at 10:39. ( )

I posted the number for the Office of Management Authority of the USF&WS, in the Taxidermy Industry forum. They issue permits, call them and find out!


This response submitted by Liz on 05/17/2004 at 13:20. ( )

The office of management authority is responsible for cites and endangered species permits. They are biologists, not enforcement officers.

If you have general import/export questions or legal questions, you should call your nearest US Fish and Wildlife Service Law Enforcement office, OR, preferably, the office that will clear the shipment coming in. If you are flying into say, New York, then you should call the New York office to avoid any procedural confusions. The phone numbers for all of the USFWS law eneforcement offices are on their website at


This response submitted by Old Fart on 05/17/2004 at 15:47. ( )

The Office of Management Authority deals with all kinds of permits and the forms for the issuance of the permits. And they have been the most helpful of any office of the USF&WS that I have ever delt with. Last Febuary I spent fours(mostly on hold) trying to get some answers to a question from a client, finally whenI gave up and called the OMA, I got what I needed. Try there FIRST, they can refer you to the proper connection, I believe that you may need to go through the USDA, too.


This response submitted by Dan on 05/18/2004 at 09:55. ( )

Thanks for the help!

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