Dam ,you people tricked me

Submitted by Ron on 05/22/2004 at 00:41. ( )

A couple months ago you people swore off political post forever. It got so dam boring around here I quit coming on the site. I started going outside at night with a flash light to see if I could catch the grass growing. Now that was excitment. Hell, even started naming my leg hairs! Didn't even get up to my knees when I ran out of good names, so just by chance I check this place out again and you guys are full bore. Cecil, I should have known you couldnt resist. Democrats do tend to change their minds don't they. Thats okay though, every creature has a God given purpose. Demoncrates, were made to intertain conservatives, and keep us on our toes. Now make me happy, use your God given talents, and say something stupid. Just Kidding! for Pete's sake, lighten up.

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just for the record...

This response submitted by Griz on 05/22/2004 at 01:21. ( )

Cecil has just been responding, and in a very subdued and lighthearted fashion also. Isn't half the intensity it used to be.

Woohoo! Go Skerry/Fonda '04! LOL!

Republican Tricky Dickey is dead

This response submitted by Cecil (Baird) Indiana on 05/22/2004 at 07:03. ( )

and Lent is over. LOL

Still lot of folks on here that are way too serious and some that DEMAND we leave the politics off to make this a fun site.

Yes I agree

This response submitted by No Politics on 05/22/2004 at 09:32. ( )

Most people are not Interested In that stuff?

Oh yeah, We still have the cowards...

This response submitted by Cecil (Baird) Indiana on 05/22/2004 at 11:30. ( )

That are not afraid to critcize but leave their names off.

"Most people?" How would you know "No Politics?" Did you do a Gallup Poll of this site or what?

Hey Cecil

This response submitted by DaveT on 05/22/2004 at 12:05. ( )

Sounds like you just described your bud Steve?

The only reason I started posting politics again is that for 4 months I watched, and remained silent, while others here tried to push their agenda. I got tired of it.... again.


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