Remember when you made fun of Kerry falling off his bike?

Submitted by Cecil (Baird) Indiana on 05/22/2004 at 18:45. ( )

Bush has apparently done it too. Maybe it has something to do with their ages and nothing else?

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did not know

This response submitted by DaveT on 05/22/2004 at 19:04. ( )

That either one of them fell of a bike. Hope President Bush was wearing a helmet, don't think it matters in kerry's case

Just kidding fish whisperer so lighten up


wasnt me

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 05/22/2004 at 23:13. ( )

I like George, and I think it looks like Kerrys head IS a helmet...a bad one.

It has become such a matter

This response submitted by Todd on 05/22/2004 at 23:19. ( )

of concern to me, this ongoing bike crashing by our presidents and presidential candidates. That I've contacted my Congressman and both Senators and urged them to submit a bill, mandating that all our elected officals be required to have training wheels installed on their bicycles before they are allowed to operate them. I mean the special intrest groups have a lot of money invested in these guys and it needs to be protected.LOL

Here is the big difference Cecil !

This response submitted by A.C. on 05/22/2004 at 23:52. ( )

When Kerry fell , Bush said nothing ! he also said nothing when Kerry fell on the ski hill and blamed " that SOB secret service agent ran into me " .
But what does the presumed democratic canidate say about Bush ? " he must have taken the training wheels off "

You tell me Cecil , which one sounds like a real leader and which one sounds like a pompus a$$ !

Bush does not say much because he doesn't have to

This response submitted by Cecil (Baird) on 05/23/2004 at 15:08. ( )

He's got surrogates like Limbaugh and Savage doing most of the negative talking. He's no dummy. They can do the damage and he does not look bad for saying anything negative. However, the Bush TV adds are a different story. Very negative and downright insulting to the intelligence.

well then

This response submitted by DaveT on 05/23/2004 at 16:32. ( )

Bush's TV ads should not effect you Cecil LMAO


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