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Submitted by Mike on 05/19/2004 at 06:56. ( )

Does everything in the shop have to be tagged with date of kill and the other information that the DNR requires. What about finished mounts. I have old mounts of my own that I would like to display but don't remember exact date the animals were taken. What about items of your own in the freezer do they also need to be tagged with all of the information.


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Tag everything!

This response submitted by Cecil (Baird) Indiana on 05/19/2004 at 07:12. ( )

You must tag everything even if it is your own specimens. If you have a taxidermy license the rules come with it, and always better safe than sorry.

I don't recall if kill dates are necessary as I only now do fish, however, on finished mounts that are being displayed a tag is not necessary. I believe the rules say the tag should stay with the mount until the customer picks it up. Of course you want to have a log book with a number assigned to each mount with name and address, ph number etc. Follow Fed guidlines for migratory birds.

Call your local conservation officer if you have questions and be prepared to find out he or she may not have a clue or will pass the buck! Welcome to Indiana. LOL


This response submitted by The Rookie(Indiana) on 05/19/2004 at 11:29. ( NaturesTrophies,aol )

DEFINATELY have the date on your personal stuff in the freezer. That is the only way you can prove it was taken in season. Even our road kill has to be picked up in season or have a roadkill permit accompanying it from the dnr or local law enforcement. Trust me. I've been visited a couple times now and they do look at everything in the freezer. Hope this saves you some hassle. Jeff F.

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