I need help with Real Eyes Brand Wildlife Eyes...

Submitted by Susan on 05/23/2004 at 01:18. ( designhabitat@earthlink.net )

I've been experimenting with various types of eyes in mounting Whitetail Deer. I received a "free sample pair" of Real Eyes Brand Wildlife Eyes(acrylic or plastic eyes) from a company and proceeded to try them out. In doing so, I very carefully cleaned all extra clay/glue from the eyes(with water) before it had a chance to dry. I thought I had side-stepped any problems that I might have in the finishing process concerning the eyes...NOPE! I noticed that when I went to complete the finishing touches on this deer(after drying) that a hazy film covered the eye. I used "killer Glue in mounting the deer. I'm skittish about using alcohol(or windex) on the acrylic-fearing that it will make the haze permanent. Does anyone out there have any experience with cleaning these eyes? I haven't been able to get in touch with the company, and need HELP soon!
-Thanks Ya'll- Susan

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Why don't you contact the manufacturer?

This response submitted by Cecil (Baird) Indiana on 05/23/2004 at 18:22. ( )

Seems to me that would be the thing to do.


This response submitted by Susan on 05/23/2004 at 19:27. ( designhabitat@earthlink.net )

I haven't been able to get in touch with the company, and just wondered if any of ya'll had experienced this problem first-hand and might be able to steer me in the right direction. Thanx lotz-Susan

Got same eyes...

This response submitted by Paul on 05/23/2004 at 20:19. ( paulstax2000@yahoo.com )

they were given out free as a promo. in the mail. Used one pair, afterwords gave the other two to my kids to play with. Lousy photo implant behind plastic. Had same problem with dullness after finished mount. You can try to spray clear over them, nothing I used got them to brighten up.

maybe now

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 05/23/2004 at 23:33. ( )

You see why i have been in here for a couple years suggesting TruEyes from Brad Eppely. I told you there was a difference!


This response submitted by The Rookie on 05/25/2004 at 01:20. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

Thanx Bill! I've used lots of them since your seminar. Good anotomics and excellent depth. The Eppleys are great people to deal with too. Peace- Jeff F.

Real Eyes

This response submitted by Susan on 05/26/2004 at 11:28. ( am in the process of changing it )

Thanks guys I appreciate your input! I finally got in touch with the company. They told me to use "windex". I don't even use that on my husband's motorcycle windshield...tried it on his old, broken one and it hazed it permanently. I AIN'T putting it on a pair of these eyes after the animal has already been mounted and finished-with no way to change 'em out. Yep, we'll definitely stick with the glass eyes.
Hey Bill, What's the chances of you teaching some classes out in our area-North Carolina? It sounds (from everything I've read on the forum) like it would be mighty interesting! -Susan

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