Video of Mountain Lion , Middlebury Center, Tioga County, PA

Submitted by Ruth Matrulla on 05/23/2004 at 21:38. ( )

Last week on Route 249 in Middlebury Center, Pa, between Owlett's Sunshine Market and Donna's Mini Mart, a video was taken of a Mountain Lion. At the last (green) house before turning left on 287 A man and his wife happened to look outside and saw the cat in a tree right next to their home. The fellow yelled to his wife to get the video camera because the game commission will never believe this. So she did. With a spotlight and the video camera, they were able to photograph the large cat. The farmers in this area have been spotting them for years. My husband spotted one last week in the field above our cabin. Possibly the same one that was in the tree, as we live less than 5 miles away. We have not seen any wildlife in our fields for the past few weeks. I disagree with the person who said people are probably mistaking them for Bobcat's. It's pretty hard to mistake a mountain lion for a bobcat because of the length of the tail and the difference in size. I have seen both and even at a distance there's no mistaking one for the other. If anyone would like to know more about this sighting, stop at Owlett's Sunshine Market and ask LaRena.

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This response submitted by lloyd on 05/25/2004 at 21:53. ( )

The idea of mountain lions in the north part of Pa. has been debated for quite a few years now.A few years ago while bowhunting in Oct. near Germania in Potter Co. I would ALMOST swear I saw one sneaking along the edge of the fields right before dark.I wouldn,t bet my life on it but it sure did look like one and I would bet my life that it wasn,t a BOBCAT.My 2 cents worth.Have a great day!Lloyd Beere

New York is the same way

This response submitted by RTF on 05/28/2004 at 16:56. ( )

They say no cats here, but many others disagree. Lots of rumors on how the cats got back to the northeast. Who knows what the truth is. I am glad they got the cat on film.

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