choosing a camera to photo your mounts

Submitted by Bonnie S. on 05/24/2004 at 01:22. ( )

I have a digital HP 320 camera and am basically happy with it but I like to take detail shots of my mounts like close ups of eyes etc and the camera wont let me get as close to an object as I want.It has no way to focus it basically.I would like to upgrade to a better one, what do most of you use to take good pics of mounts for your websites and photo collections?

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This response submitted by tim on 05/24/2004 at 07:52. ( )

what i use and think it does a superb job is a Kodak 4530. It is a 5 pixal camera and has alot of settings for various types of photos. I think this camera is great. Just my personal oppinion. i am sure you will get alot of oppinions on this and i am sure that there is alot in the archives about this topic. hope this helps alittle..


This response submitted by wilson on 05/24/2004 at 15:59. ( )

I have a Kodak and like how it loads in the computer and the pic;what i don't like is it takes to long from pic to pic to take.
will yor camera take pic as fast as you can push the button?
For instants catch a bird as it takes off and agin befor its gone
you know click click,or am i asking to much from a digital?


This response submitted by Billy Brock on 05/25/2004 at 00:09. ( )

I have some great close up photos of humming birds hovering at my feeder taken at ten inches. What I do not like about the camera shooting distant photos. A fixed telephoto lens 2 power.

Go to Best Buy...

This response submitted by marty on 05/25/2004 at 09:37. ( )

...and check them all out. They have the cameras out for you to play with. And I'm sure a knowledgeable sales person will help you.

In the mainstream market, I do NOT know of any digital cameras that can blast off pictures one after another. In fact, all hesitate a milisecond AFTER pushing the button. That's something you'll get use to.

4 meg is PLENTY of resolution for most people. Unless you're going to print VERY large photos.

Optical zoom is really the only thing that matters when it comes to zoom lens'. Digital zooms are pretty much worthless as they'll simply degrade your photos. Check the specs on the camera. It should tell you how close the camera will go. And a manual focus overide is nice too.

I've got the Kodak DX6440. And I like the camera a lot. I got a 128 meg flashcard (recommended) and I can take over a hundred hi-res pics before having to download the photos.

I got the dock which is nice. But, I'd go with the printing dock if I were to do it again. Most people don't think about this, but the Kodak printing dock is simple to use and the ink is archival. Most printers' inks are NOT archival, and the ink will fade over time. Some quicker than others. Plus, printer cartridges are fairly expensive. Not to mention good, glossy photo printer paper. More room for errors/wasted paper on your printer too

I'm not real keen on the software though. Some things are not really straightforward. (I never read manuals though, so I'm sure that would help - lol!) As far as organizing things go. You can put things in albums, but you need to use the Kodak software to access them, otherwise they don't maintain their directory structure when accessing thru I.E. (for example). And I still haven't figured out how to delete files off the camera from my computer. And I haven't figured out how to tag them BEFORE they're downloaded to the computer. (I think I need to read the manual!)

Any namebrand camera with the ability to go in to a foot or closer should do. 5 meg or more is overkill for most people. Save money here and get the printer dock or a beefy flashcard...


This response submitted by marty on 05/25/2004 at 09:40. ( )

Mine has 4 meg res and 4X OPTICAL zoom. I wouldn't go any less than a 4X Optical zoom or any less on the res. If you can afford 5 meg or higher res, it ain't gonna hurt...


This response submitted by wilson on 05/25/2004 at 10:47. ( )

Marty, I did do as you suggested before asking here but you know how it is with salesmen these days.
Not one I have tried yet would click off PIC like a standard camera; maybe next years models.
O and i'm not willing to spend more than $800.

My camera was...

This response submitted by marty on 05/25/2004 at 12:27. ( )

$350 on sale with rebates including dock. Then add in the flashcard and extra batteries (for emergency usage) and it came to about $425. And I'll bet that price has come down - I bought mine last November.

It's pretty tough to beat the Kodaks feature-wise and quality-wise in that price range unless you want to go with an off-brand...

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