Why all the fighting on this Taxidermy Web site?

Submitted by Fedup--Taxidermist from Colorado on 05/25/2004 at 15:37. ( )

I would like to contribute to a good, quality site but I see and read about so many unrelated things and the bickering among so many "high and mighty) taxidermist, I think I'll just watch for awhile and see if everyone can grow up a little. and why do certain people always want to "know" the ID of who posts? Is this the LAW of the United States or just a few that want to run this forum?

Why all the bickering? Why all of the hateful speech and posts about many things besides taxidermy? Is this a taxidermy web site or not?

Why are so many abusive posts ALWAYS directed at a select few people like Cecil B and George R and Mr. Yox? Do they ask for this treatment?

Now I wonder how many people will be rude and smartelick about this post.

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I got sucked in

This response submitted by Jay on 05/25/2004 at 15:39. ( goblue@mtc.net )

and never again

Mabey I can help

This response submitted by Old Man on 05/25/2004 at 16:17. ( )

This sight is for taxidermy yes but as you know it always helps to break up the day with a good fight! It's all in good fun! Also the reason people badger the gentlemen you have mentioned is because they are for the most part the best taxidermists in the business! That is not an opinion but a true fact. They are famous for this industry. As for you just lurking around reading that is what this is all about. Think of this place like a bar. If you want to fight I am sure you will find it. You should never be afraid to contribute when you can. No one will fight with you about how you do things. The only time you will get into a battle is when you talk government. That's what America is all about? Free speech and opinion!

God Bless

You have 14 categories

This response submitted by wetnwild on 05/25/2004 at 16:23. ( )

We use the Industry one to unwind! IF, thats Ok with you!

Me too!

This response submitted by Mr. T on 05/25/2004 at 16:43. ( )

This site is new to me also as a rookie taxidermist, and in the two week span of reading the helpful and needed information on this site, It seems that a few people spend to much time here, and not enough time in the shop knocking out the jobs. These men know who they are, and I thank them for the taxidermy tips they provide. But if I wanted to here name calling and verbal abuse and political views and see a fight, I'd go to a bar and look for it. This is not a bar. I guess this site is like a TV, it has an on and off button, and I can sellect the channels that I want to watch. So I'll be selective. And by the way, I laughed my pants wet about the fellow that dug the dead cat up and wanted it mounted to suprise the cats owner on her next birthday. (Ethel) LOL for an hour. Thanks, Mr.T

Chill out, it's only a problem with folks that...

This response submitted by Cecil (Baird) Indiana on 05/25/2004 at 17:11. ( )

take it too seriously or someone that comes on here with a serious attitude problem (See "Looking for an Honest Taxidermist"). And there are those that have very thin skin. Like Tom said, it's for unwinding etc., and if you want pure taxidermy go to the other 14 categories.

Just put on your Kavlar vest and join the fun.

Lets see how much you want to talk shop after being in this for 15 or 20 years.

BTW, I know guys that get bored and depressed if they come on here and there is no controversy.

Kevlar vest you sissy Cecil !

This response submitted by b. bishop on 05/25/2004 at 17:57. ( )

LOL , hey , sent you an e-mail with a pic of Mike Moore . your hero !

Do you think they make a vest in his size ? that's alot of vest !

Can't beat the kids

This response submitted by DaveT on 05/25/2004 at 18:41. ( )

So we use Cecil lol



This response submitted by Bill Yox on 05/25/2004 at 18:45. ( )

Well for starters, yes, we do ask for it sometimes. Our being frank, blunt and to the point leaves us wide open for retaliation. Retaliation is often a defense mechanism for someone who is embarrassed. Other times, guys like us stick our necks out a bit further than is comfortable for others, as we challenge a post we feel isnt quite right, or when we 'smell a rat' so to speak. We nail some, and miss others. Then theres the few times that some folks insecurities just result in their attempt at bringing us down to their level. Finally, me, George and John, to name a few, just plain say something stupid to piss somebody off. And they let us know it!

Fed up, I too mostly read through these. I once tried to reply to many of them. I seldom read more than about half the posts anymore, let alone reply. Enjoy these forums for what they are, rather than fret over what they are not. Its more fun.

I agree

This response submitted by MarkV. on 05/25/2004 at 22:16. ( MarkV.34@centurytel.net )

Fedup,I agree with these guys totally some of you take this way too serious. If I want boredom I can go to the bowling site this is way more interesting. The fights are what makes this great. Being in the shop mounting deer is fine and a great living but everything gets boring after awhile. If we just had posts strictly to taxidermy mechanics man this would be dull also. I have learned more new techniques and such in the last 5 years than the 10 years before that so its a great wealth of information for all to enjoy. Good luck on your search for a better site its not out there, MarkV.

The World is at Peace.

This response submitted by Benny on 05/25/2004 at 22:25. ( )

The World is at piece and only the fighting among the taxidermist remains, To bad.


This response submitted by Dudette on 05/25/2004 at 22:36. ( )

Ain't it nice to belong to a club? LOL

Probably the best aspect involved with the in-fighting......

This response submitted by Mac on 05/26/2004 at 07:08. ( vabowhunter@worldnet.att.net )

and I've seen this since I started coming in Dec. is the fact that even when these guys & gals go head to head on a firey subject, they are men & women enough to still be professional in the end. After the subject is resolved and even if it is not, these same folk can talk civily on a seperate thread even if the other is not quite over yet. To some it may be "Why are you doing this on a Taxidermy site?", but for others, myself included, it's refreshing to see so many down to earth and DIRECTLY TO THE POINT people in one place. You get tired of the wishy-washy after a while! LOL! Like anything else in life, you must take the bad with the good to get the full experience! Take it for what it's worth!
OH YEA! By the way, don't post unwarrented, disrespectful post to the site unless you want bombarded by all the folk who contribute to it! LOL!



In a nutshell................

This response submitted by agdfgSDvbSDFbf on 05/26/2004 at 07:23. ( )

Ken is a chicken crap admin who will not require registration so [expletive deleted]s like me can come on here and post without leaving a name !


This response submitted by Susan on 05/26/2004 at 11:43. ( working on one )

Amen brother! You tell 'em! -Susan

its the trolls in here

This response submitted by trappersteph on 05/26/2004 at 16:35. ( )

The no name gutless cowards or the ones with silly names who never ever leave an email.

Mac Hit it Right

This response submitted by Paul I on 05/26/2004 at 18:55. ( paulblastoatyahoo.com )

Mac your 100 percent right.I like reading what the regulars have to say good and bad.Even Cecil is funny sometimes LOL

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