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Submitted by Shane P. on 05/21/2004 at 10:29. ( )

I was disappointed to read Bill's article in the latest Breakthrough. Although I do not know him personally, he has judged at three of the four competitions I have entered into. The first being the 2001 World Show where he was more than helpful when discussing needed improvements on my button buck.
Then in 2002 he judged a Whitetail I entered at the IL state show. I was unable to attend the full show but drove from home to Mt.Vernon to enter the mount and attend the meeting. I then drove to attend the banquet and the critique the next morning. I somehow missed the critique, but Bill, through email, said it would be ok for me to call him at home and discuss my score sheet. Amazingly, he was able to be very helpful even over the phone and was friendlier than I could have expected considering I was taking away from his time.
At the 2003 World Show I brought two whitetails. Both where judged by a group of judges including Bill Yox, Cary Cochran and Rick Carter. Who could ask for a better crew? Rick Carter critiqued one of the whitetails for me and I could not make another critique for the other whitetail. To my suprise, when I removed the second whitetail from the show room, I found a cassette with a recorded critique by Yox and Cochran. I had been randomly selected to try a new critique method, and again Bill and Cary Cochran were extremely helpful and encouraging with their words of wisdom.
I received Reds on all of the mounts Bill judged so my opinions are not based on Blue ribbons, and one of the mounts had received a Blue at my State show the previous month.
Although I am by no means a seasoned competitor, I think my limited experiences tell me clearly that Bill Yox should be the kind of judge that all judges strive to be, knowledgeable, truthful, helpful and encouraging.
Thank You Bill for being all of these. I hope to see something awesome from you at the next World Show.

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This response submitted by Shane on 05/21/2004 at 10:33. ( )

...Bill Yox IS the kind of judge all judges should strive to be,...

I appreciate that, Mr Pegram

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 05/21/2004 at 11:01. ( )

I hope anyone reading the article realizes that Im not blaming competitors for the growing differences, and suggesting that when the system changes more, as it constantly does, Ill jump back in when the timing is right. I always said Id judge not to be popular, rather as long as my opinions were valued by my peers. Dont lose hope in the system, and do support it!

This is why . ..

This response submitted by Tony H on 05/21/2004 at 12:37. ( )

I often refer to him as Mr. Yox. He's earned the respect from me. I don't know him, have never met him, he's never judged my work, we butt heads often in the realm of politics BUT I don't really give that much thought to political leanings because often, there's a whole lot more to the man than issue most of us have no control over.

Bill Yox has integrity. How many others can say the same?

Just recieved

This response submitted by The Rookie on 05/21/2004 at 13:16. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

my new Breakthrough and was also surprised to read Bills article. Bill was a judge at our convention last year and he was honest,straight forward, and to the point! I was very impressed with his natural ability to create art with such an easy going creativeness. To those who haven't met him, you're really missing out on one of the true "Masters" of the art.
Now, as far as the new Breakthrough goes. Why in the world did they have to shadow Piggys pretty face with grumpy ol Geo?(LOL) Sorry George,couldn't resist buddy!@#$ Peace- Jeff F.

Mr. Yox

This response submitted by tomdes on 05/21/2004 at 13:50. ( )

Well, for those of you that have never met Bill, let me describe him to you. He's 5'4", bald, weighs about 280 lbs.....(couldn't resist Bill), you're fit-as-a-fiddle right Bill! Bills a great guy, I haven't been able to attend the UTNY show in a couple years so I've missed his humor.. I plan to go this year though, I've got a nice strutting grouse ready to go, but I doubt Bill will be doing birds. But my son Chris (17) will be entering his first deer head this August so maybe Bill will get to judge it..


Gimme a break Jeff

This response submitted by George on 05/21/2004 at 14:09. ( )

Just what do you think she'd have looked like if I HADN'T been there? LMAO I know SP is gonna have my hide for that one.


This response submitted by BWS on 05/21/2004 at 20:31. ( .... )

Yeah, "Mr. Yox" has earned my respect as well...but i don't call him Mister, ha ha ha i call him a maggot head. But really though, i do have the chance to talk with him from time to time, and he is a wonderful guy. Both my husband and i have learned alot from him over the phone and the 'net. Unfortunatly i have never had the chance from him to critique one of my displays in person...but i am working on getting him back in the judging circle..LOL


Sheila Brandon

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