A tribute to our soldiers

Submitted by b bishop/ Republican on 05/28/2004 at 19:01. ( )

To ALL the veterans on here THANK YOU ! from my soul ! some of us still know how our freedoms were won and kept.


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Thanks Brad

This response submitted by Mac on 05/29/2004 at 06:38. ( vabowhunter@worldnet.att.net )

Whooo! That was very nice. Eyes are still burnin. My return home unfortunately was not quite as nice as others, but fortunately a friend of mine heard the ship was coming in and met me at the pier with a cold 12 Pk!, But that clip made up for "lack of family participation" when I got back from Desert Shield / Storm. Thanks for posting it! Have a safe one!

Your Welcome Mac

This response submitted by b bishop/ Republican on 05/29/2004 at 07:35. ( )

I find it very sad that the majority of Americans have no idea what Memorial day is ! other than a 3 day weekend to do some grilling. I met a vet outside of Wallmart last night and they were looking for donations and I walked strait to him , put a roll of money in his can . He said " thank you " and I looked him strait in the eyes and said " no , Thank you " . He didn't know what to say. It was a cool moment . Anyways , Thanks again Mac your a great American !

The same should be said about YOU as well.........

This response submitted by Mac on 05/29/2004 at 09:11. ( vabowhunter@worldnet.att.net )

not to mention all the others here. The primary majority of the people who make up this site, civilian and veteran alike, seem to have a unique appreciation for America and her fighting men and women. Seeing that keeps the flame of hope going that the American people can once again overcome our "internal differences" and bring about a better country. Remembering those who came before us, both militarily and in family, respecting their accomplishments and passing that knowledge on to our younger generations Honors them and ourselves. One thing I have noticed, and I saw this in Isreal as well, the Middle Eastern countries directly teach their children about past and recent history. Unfortunately the down side of this is the years and years of inner fighting that has resulted from it, but in the case of America, we need more of that type of teaching so that our younger generations know how they got the things they have. George, I believe, brought up our WWII veterans in an earlier post. People do not realize that we are losing 1000 of that generation of people a DAY! Staggering when you think about it. So if yall see a Vet from that era, please give them the thanks they deserve as well. God Bless all of yall who support our Vets and our troops. The positive morale here in the States has more of an effect on our fighting men & women overseas than you know. THANK YOU TOO!

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