I'd like to hear your comments

Submitted by Doug on 05/26/2004 at 21:10. ( )

regarding professionals(guys) who wear earrings and/or a pony tail.

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My personal thoughts...

This response submitted by marty on 05/26/2004 at 21:16. ( )

...would be that these people are about 10 years+ behind the times. And they're most likely trying to recapture their youth.

BUT, if they're good at what they do, then who cares what they look like?


This response submitted by Paul I on 05/26/2004 at 21:46. ( paulblastoatyahoo.com )

Alot of them are die hard bikers who clean up some what for work.I would not pick on their earrings too much.LOL


This response submitted by wilson on 05/26/2004 at 21:47. ( )

the ones that don't wear dark socks.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 05/26/2004 at 22:02. ( )

I couldnt grow a pony tail now for money. I used to be a hair farmer once, though, and my old pierced ear has long since healed. I know some guys who are clean cut, even shaven, that I couldnt trust as far as I could throw them. Ive also got friends, professionals, who wear their hair long.

Id like to hear your comments regarding the quality of the work guys with earrings and/or ponytails are doing. Hell, Im about as goofy looking as a guy should be allowed to look, and my work isnt too shabby!

Don't even worry about it.

This response submitted by Jerry C on 05/26/2004 at 22:03. ( )

I had a cardiologist who used to visit me in ICU wearing a $400 skarkskin suit. Almost killed me. I now see a doctor who wears jeans most of the time. I feel better than ever.

What Yox didnt tell ya!

This response submitted by little creek guy on 05/26/2004 at 22:33. ( upit @nopaddle )

What Yoxxy forgot to tell ya all.Is yes he nixed the pony tail,earring,leather chaps,funkey gloves with no fingers.BUT he now has a assortment of dresses and high heeled shoes amoung a few other things he never wears out of the shop, unless he goes to the big city.Just thought a few of you might like to know this.Keep it quiet though we dont want Bill to know, we know.


This response submitted by John on 05/26/2004 at 22:34. ( )

this is a tough one, one that I'm in somewhat of a quandry about right now. After spending most of my adult life in the Marine Corps I got a pierced ear and grew my hair for 3 years (I couldn't however bring myself to tying it in a pony-tail though), and a beard too. After having numerous nightmares about showing up for formation and being chewed-out by the C.O. & SGTMAJ. for not having a regulation haircut I shaved it all off and for the past few years have had a military haircut. Three months ago I started growing it back and other than a light trim (fuzz on the back of my neck was driving me crazy) have been letting it grow and the nightmares haven't came back, yet. This morning I didn't shave and looked at my ear to see if there was still a hole in it (left one)I've been making fish eye earrings that look pretty cool. Your post must be a sign, I think I'm going to do it, at least until the nightmares start again. Thanks John

People wanting and lacking self respect.

This response submitted by MD on 05/26/2004 at 23:11. ( )

These are people that are latent homosexual and try to fit in or fit something in them. these people are insecure and have a need to be something they are not or they ADVERTISE what they want and/or they THINK they are cool. People that are lacking self-respect and are "unclean" in the eyes of many.


Damb John, this is scary.

This response submitted by Ron on 05/26/2004 at 23:19. ( )

Maybe we should get to gether for some group therapy. I have nightmares too when my hair gets to long (I am not kidding) and I have never been in the military.
As for earings and the like I don't think anybody should pierce anything on their bodys; men or women. I once shoved a six inch cape needle through the tip of my finger. Did that make me cool..Hell No! Just sore.

I'm uneasy around guys that wear pony tails

This response submitted by Cecil (Baird) Indiana on 05/26/2004 at 23:26. ( )

I know I shouldn't judge someone by that but it gives me the creeps.

old hippies?

This response submitted by trappersteph on 05/26/2004 at 23:39. ( )

Old hippies and ARTISTS? No problem with it if they do good work and aren't hitting the bong all the time.

Gays? Cmon- you have femmy gays who sound like women and spray perfume on themselves, and turn around and theres some macho bear who likes his redneck f350. The rest are in between and you can't tell they are gay except when they look at straight men with that "look". And half are in the closet.

But it is true that alot of artists are gay or lesbian,so for the taxidermy artists,what might that say? Whos in the closet? And being married doesn't mean squat,its a good way to cover it up.

So don't go bashing the ponytailed and earinged guys ( unless he has an earing in the right ear only LOL).


This response submitted by Ron on 05/26/2004 at 23:59. ( )

I am uncomfortable with the amount of knowledge you posses on this subject.LOL.


This response submitted by John on 05/27/2004 at 00:08. ( )

that's kinda rough MD. You've got a lot of anger, could it be latent homo tendancies? Good luck finding yourself.

A Man With long Hair and earring

This response submitted by Tenbears on 05/27/2004 at 01:13. ( )

Is making a statement. He may be saying this is me, Take me as I am. He may have enough self confidence to be and do what he pleases. without worrying about what others think. He may be doing it just because he wants people to think he is different, odd, unusual, a non conformist. Never judge a book by its cover. It is what is inside that counts. Look at clean cut, educated appearing Ted Bundy. Now that was a guy I wanted my daughter to bring home. NOT! The one thing about a long hair with an earring. You know where you stand with them. You know they are not the Eddie Haskel type.
Cecil: If Pony Tailed guys make you uneasy. You would have a heart attach around me. With a two foot braid hanging off my head.

Tenbears, I forgot about folks with Indian heritage

This response submitted by Cecil (Baird) Indiana on 05/27/2004 at 07:00. ( )

don't have a problem with at one bit. I guess I'm referring to anglo the biker types.


This response submitted by George on 05/27/2004 at 07:26. ( georoof@aol.com )

NOTHING is as bad as a "comb over" or a Donald Trump toupee. After my 30 years in the miltary, I wanted to let my hair grow back to my Cherokee ancestry. Only trouble was, I found out I wasn't exactly a horses ass, but 4 cowlicks in the back of my head made me look more like Don King than a Cherokee brave. I canned the idea in favor of what I felt worked for me. I sometimes think, however, that guys with long hair do themselves in. Look at the ESPN "reality" show for an announcer. The guy with the long hair was told he'd have to lose it if he expected a job. Long hair in American business tends to be a self-fulfilling prophecy for NOT getting a respectable job. Guys in pigtails don't become bank presidents or politicians. Simple fact.

little creek and other interested parties...lol

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 05/27/2004 at 09:04. ( )

Heck, even I didnt know THAT part, lol. If we use Klinger as a baseline, Im pppprrrretty sure you wont find me in a get-up like the one described above. As for nixxing the pony tail, I never had one to begin with. After rereading my post youll see my claim was to have had ample and excessive hair, no tail. Yikes, what a mental image THAT one conjures up, hahaha!

Hey guys...

This response submitted by Susan on 05/27/2004 at 09:08. ( Changing it )

Doesn't this apply to the gals too? I mean, my hair is down to my ankles-it's always been a drawback to getting a plant job(or any job around any kind of power tools for that matter). I've always been told that I fit right into any working or sports situation, that I'm considered "one of the guys". I've been told I look good "all girled-up", always been known for being daddy's shadow(not little girl or little helper). Shucks, I could build a carburater before I went into the first grade. Daddy was a service station owner/operator/mechanic. My first car was a '65 Mustang-the deal was;if I could rebuild the motor and get the body work done, daddy would pay for it. With my brothers' input(only verbal answers to my questions-I think he was going to get the car if I couldn't finish it), and making my auto/body shop teacher believe that the only girl he'd ever had in his class was serious(about doing more than her nails), and some help from Mama(SHE was the painter in the family) I had a real show car was a paint job that looked "so deep" you could reach out to touch the finish and sink your arm plum up to your elbow. Then came the '66 Malibu Chevelle(man that positraction rearend was KICKIN'!)... but that's another storey. Mama always said "don't judge a book by the cover", and Daddy said "show me you can do it". So don't go by a person's length of hair or how many earrings they wear- check out their work...let THAT speak for them instead of their appearance. Remember what kind of "do" Einstein sported? -Susan

Ever here of a guy named Jesus.

This response submitted by Bill K. on 05/27/2004 at 09:20. ( klager@nvc.net )

You guys are funny. Going to judge him too....


This response submitted by Jeff @ Jeff's Taxidermy on 05/27/2004 at 10:09. ( mountman@netins.net )

I'm sure glad I cut my ponytail off now ...........you guys would not have trusted me or liked me anymore .........hahahaha ROFLMAO
As for the homosexual comment ......I AINT AND WASNT NO GAYBOY..
I grew up with the 80's hairbands and heavy metal.....still listen too it to all the time....
Long hair dont make a person bad either ...shouldnt judge someone by their hair style shame on u people haha
Bill yox is bald and he is a good guy hahaha
I recently joined that club and now I have to wear a cap all the time so I dont burn my bald head .... what kinda wax you using Bill ?
I dont want too much shine but I want the UV protection....

Now Bill K. I thought you were more knowledgable!

This response submitted by Cecil (Baird) Indiana on 05/27/2004 at 11:17. ( )

Archaelolgists say the hair style we depict Jesus as wearing was not correct for the Jews of that time period. It's a figment of our imagination. The hair was more closely cropped and looked more like some of the hair styles of the Romans depicted in the statues that have survived antiquity.

Additionally has anyone ever noticed that most of the depictions of Jesus are also Anglo? I have even seen worse than that. I visited a religous museum in Gatlinburg that had manniquins dressed for the time period and Jesus had red hair! The manniquins were made in Ireland. What a scam! Should have know when they would not give out receipts!

If I had any hair

This response submitted by buzzi on 05/27/2004 at 13:40. ( olytax@aol.com )

I would grow it long, and might even color it purple or red...just to celebrate having it again.......not that I miss it. I do have an ear pierced..the left one.

As someone who had both

This response submitted by Terry on 05/27/2004 at 16:10. ( )

I used to sport a long pony tail once upon a time. Oh, and I do still sport the earring. It was funny how many people assumed I was a biker type. It usually came as a surprise that I was an elementary teacher. :)

The hair is long since gone. A basketball team a number of years ago got to do the honors after a great season. Plus I really like rolling out of bed now KNOWING I can't have a bad hair day.
LOL The earring is still there. Some principals are OK with me wearing it and I do. If they're not I take it out during the week.

For what it's worth, I'm not a biker. I've never even been on a motorcycle. The long hair was a backlash to childhood. My mother was hairstylist wannabe during my early years and I was the test subject. As soon as I was old enough to let it go I did. The earring happened real soon after the first marriage went south. My ex hated earrings on guys. I had one put in and it sort of grew on me.

What the years of a ponytail and an earring taught me was don't judge a book by its cover. I consider myself to be a solid professional, both as a teacher (14 years) and as a taxidermist.
The ponytail and earring did nothing to take away from my ability to do either. :)


This response submitted by Les on 05/27/2004 at 20:22. ( )

I don't see any problems with how a person looks. I've always like piercings and I have had my tongue, labret, and ears pierced. My wife didn't mind and she's an engineer (professional type of person). I just like being me and never really cared too much about what others thought. When I started doing taxidermy full time though, I got rid of all of it except my tongue ring. Older people coming in didn't like it and it affected my business. So now I just put on a more professional apperance.

And what about tatoos? LOL

So Les, with the tongue ring do you say anything when...

This response submitted by Cecil (Baird) Indiana on 05/27/2004 at 20:55. ( )

those older folks come in? Sign Language or poster board? LOL

I'd have more of a problem with a tongue ring than anything else. I'd be wondering why an intelligent person would run a hole through their tongue. LOL


This response submitted by Lisa Stanley on 05/28/2004 at 06:32. ( messiah6@aol.com )

I love ponytails on men :) But then again, I also have piercings and tattoos so I guess I'm in the minority here..lol.

Lisa Stanley

Self expression and image

This response submitted by OJ on 05/28/2004 at 10:27. ( )

The way you dress and groom sends a deliberate message. Problem is, the folks that recieve the message have many possible interpretations of that message. When a client comes to my house, I try to look neat, clean etc. Sending a message about my self and my work. Thats a pretty clear image. "long hair" can send multiple messages. I am a big Oakland Raider fan. Our #1 pick has long hair down to his shoulders and two big hoop earings- looks like a PIRATE! On the other hand, a slimeball attorney in my town wears a little diamond stud earing and sports a little gray ponytail, leftover from his liberal hippy days. Then there is Willie Nelson and that whole look. I guess I try to judge the man by the man, and not the hair, etc. Still folks do intentionally send messages that they would like to be judged by. As long as a guy can pull the look off and is half neat- who cares I guess.


This response submitted by Susan on 05/29/2004 at 09:46. ( )

My daughter read this post after coming back home after church and suggested that we hang a sign in our studio that reads "Don't judge me by my appearance,rather-judge me by my works".... But then she's seen us at our worst-coverd in glue,sprinkled with shavings from forms, covered in DP the time I didn't get the latches locked all the way down(plum ghostly)- you know,the everyday accidents as well as the unusual things that can happen in the studio. It's part of life. Things happen that you can't control, but the majority of the time (we hope) everything sails along smoothly- no I'm not refering to slipping on form shavings on a slick concrete floor. LOL -Susan

now this post has come full circle...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 05/29/2004 at 21:31. ( )

because Id get my ear pierced again before Id be caught dead with DP...hahahaha! Hey everyone, enjoy your holiday weekend.

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