Do Not Do Buisness With Billy Mitchell ! Got me for a grand

Submitted by John on 05/26/2004 at 22:45. ( )

This guy said he has 13 deer capes for sale and will throw in a bobcat,fox and a deer rump.Not that I care about the items he was going to throw in but the 13 tanned deer capes were priced at 1094.00 I sent him the money and guess what, no capes.He will not return my e mails and avoids the phone like the plague. Anyone know of this jerk or hear from him,know how to get ahold of him.I am running out of options.Civil court is frivoulus, anyone who has ever had to go to court for anything I think will agree its just a bunch of BS.I live in MN so traveling to TX or LA (this is where I believe he is from) is out of the question.Billy Mitchell if you read this I hope you choke on the pickle in the bloody mary my thousand dollars is buying you.John PS someday I might just have a little time on my hands and may pay you a visit.I do NOT forget when and by whom I have been burned.

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This way WORKS!

This response submitted by MK on 05/26/2004 at 23:18. ( )


First of all, get ALL of your ducks in order and go for it!

Get info together on this guy. Track the Money Order or check and get a copy this should have an ID number from the person that cashed it. Take all available info and fill out a "FELONY FRAUD" complaint and forward it to the Sheriff's dept in the punks state/town/city and they will arrest him, etc.. It worked for me.......


This response submitted by JT on 05/27/2004 at 11:51. ( )

A good idea before purchasing any items from someone on this site is to submit a post to see if anyone knows the person. I would not do business with anyone on here that people did not know. People on here usually know who to avoid and who to use.

I would ask them also if you can pay through PayPal. Typically if someone is registered on PayPal they have to be verified. It is not a complete security blanket but it lowers your odds considerably from getting screwed.

Test the waters first!

This response submitted by marty on 05/27/2004 at 13:54. ( )

I agree with JT. Furthermore, first time purchase for nearly $1100! Shame on YOU!

Appreciate the info

This response submitted by John on 05/27/2004 at 14:46. ( )

Thanks for the e mails and info on this prick.I have purchased other items off this site with know problem and I do know better than to act in the hasty manner I had on this issue.I guarantee that It WILL NOT happen again.I just hope some day when I down on a guided duck hunt in his neck of the woods the guide tells me that we will be shareing a blind with a guy by the name of " Billy Mitchell " Any more info on this guy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again. John


This response submitted by Alex on 05/27/2004 at 18:29. ( )

Usually 500 or more is a first degree felony, make a copy of the back and front of the check and send it to his County sheriffs office and as you being told ,he will do time.
What a Jerk ! Iam writting his name on my board.

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