Bees - Ever have have unexpected visitors?

Submitted by Mac on 05/27/2004 at 07:31. ( )

Was looking over the Wife's blazer last night and just so happened to look at my archery target as I was getting up. It appeared that my deer had started growing in a most interesting way. Not directly believing my first impression, I cautiously approached the target and sure enough it was buzzing! It appeared as if my deer had grown an udder! Getting in my truck, the wife and I drove a bit closer and took a couple of pic's. I posted them at the Yahoo taxichat photos page under "Mac's". Craziest thing I ever encountered. I have to call our local Agri-extension office to find a good beekeeper. Either we have a second Queen that emerged from the big hive we have in a sycamore tree behind the house, or the original hive just moved to a vacationing site under my deer! LOL! Either way, I though yall might get a kick out of this! If you cannot access the Yahoo site & would like to see the pic's, just leave your e-mail & I'll send them to ya.

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They are just swarming.

This response submitted by Benny on 05/27/2004 at 09:02. ( )

You are right a second queen emerged and the bees swarmed. You could have scraped them into a cardboard box with little chance of being stinged. Your local county agent may know of someone apiary keeper that will removed them.

Thanks Benny,

This response submitted by Mac on 05/28/2004 at 07:20. ( )

You were quite correct. I contacted the Virginia Beekeepers Association and got a good response, which included what you had said, though he did say that one should avoid and not disturb them if at all possible. They have since moved to the ground (I'll post that pic later this weekend) in a circular formation. The gentleman who replied to me said they should disperse in a couple of days when they find a new home. The interesting thing he stated was the fact that it was the "old" queen that left the hive, not the new one. Thanks again for your input.

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