Northern LIGHTS tonight and tomorrow night

Submitted by John C on 11/8/04 at 3:16 PM. ( )

I have heard reports from South Arkansas of seeing the lights.

KYTV in Springfield MO says, tonight and tomorrow night we should have even better shows.

Several large sunspots have large flares throwing particles into the air are the cause.

Best viewing times is from 8pm to 1am. CST.

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Beautiful Sight !

This response submitted by Loop on 11/8/04 at 3:20 PM. ( )

Saw em last night, awsome ! I live in western Wisconsin.

They are worth a look!

This response submitted by Jerry S. on 11/8/04 at 3:26 PM. ( )

The first time I ever saw the northern lights was last month when I was in Canada for a caribou hunt. Words or photos cannot describe them!

I was right underneath them and they went from one horizon to the other, taking about 1/3 of the total sky.

Make an effort to see them if you can. They are worth the time.

Jerry S.

saw them

This response submitted by mark on 11/8/04 at 4:08 PM. ( )

Last night in northern michigan. East to west and north to directly overhead, was quite a show.

same in NY state

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/8/04 at 4:48 PM. ( )

and to think, I figured I had them all to myself! They were light blue here this time.

Not gonna see em here tonight

This response submitted by Raven on 11/8/04 at 4:54 PM. ( )

No chance of me seeing em here in Niagara tonight.. snow just started flying about 15 minutes ago...

If it keeps up the way it is.. get ready Bill - should be hittin you in a couple hours... its headed right yer way...

Had Em Last Night.....

This response submitted by Coyote on 11/8/04 at 7:00 PM. ( )

Here in Michigan. Sat in the back yard on a lawn chair and drank a few beers while watching the show. Mother Nature put on a spectacular show last night.



This response submitted by John M on 11/8/04 at 7:32 PM. ( )

It's the best way!

You'll all drinking too much beer!

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/8/04 at 7:57 PM. ( )

"Northern Lights?" That's what everyone says once they finish a case. LOL

Tis a common occurance...

This response submitted by Wolfwoman on 11/8/04 at 8:48 PM. ( thepredator AT )

...where I live :) When it's clear and cold I see them most every 'morning' when I go to work at 3am. It's one of the reasons why I live where and as I do and why I commute 30 miles to work. No matter how often you see them, it's still breathtaking. :) Hubby started experimenting with taking pics of them last year and didn't do too badly for some first tries. Hopefully the ones he takes this year will be even better!



This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/9/04 at 12:33 AM. ( )

Unfortunately, it was snowing more than half the day here too.


This response submitted by Michael Barrus on 11/9/04 at 12:45 AM. ( )

I've seen them in Iceland, Greenland and Alaska and now here in Minnesota..Reminds me how small we all really are...had a beer or 2 on the deck wathcing them..God I love the North...

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