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Submitted by kevin on 11/8/04 at 8:51 PM. ( )

now the election is over,how do you guys/gals feel about some of
president bush's agenda...i.e. tax reform,social security,the war,
gay marriage banning, etc. etc.?
also the supreme court and his future relationship w/congress?
just curious.

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The same we we felt BEFORE the election

This response submitted by George on 11/8/04 at 9:06 PM. ( )

Us and 85% of all counties in the United States. That's why we voted FOR him. That's one was a no-brainer.


This response submitted by kevin on 11/8/04 at 9:15 PM. ( )

i was curious if you just agreed with his agenda, or if you were
more moderate about some issues,or more conservative...not really
a no brainer,as cecil has yet to drop in...


This response submitted by Steve on 11/8/04 at 9:41 PM. ( )

george...moderate........thats a good one. I dont think those two words should ever be in the same sentence. I do find it incredible that so many people would put their hatred of gay people ahead of the real problems facing our country, such as the economy, the environment and iraq. I guess some people just have to learn the hard way.

And what's this supposed to mean Kevin?

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/8/04 at 9:52 PM. ( )

"...not really
a no brainer,as cecil has yet to drop in..."

I'm through with the politics, but George can give you an earful as will Brad. They're still gloating in their victory. Isn't it obvious how "unmoderate" these folks are? I would think that would be a "no brainer." LOL

Hello stuffers

This response submitted by Political taxidermist on 11/9/04 at 12:13 AM. ( )

Seems to me more of you "taxidermist" are really COMPUTER" taxidermist judging by the amout of time you spend on the thing!

PT, how would you know that?

This response submitted by George on 11/9/04 at 8:29 AM. ( )

Kevin, contrary to Stevie Boy, I do consider myself a "moderate". Stevie can't fathom such an idea as he is a "neoliberal" or better yet, the media calls him the "fringe of ultra-liberals". For his information, the HOMOSEXUAL community (there's nothing "gay" about queers and lesbians at least call themselves that)wants to pander itself as the downtrodden when they're actually the depraved. Political Correctness brought this malady to us without listening to the Bible in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 9:14). No democratic or republic for of nation can long survive when "special interest" groups demand against the majority. I don't "hate" these people, I and the MAJORITY of Americans refuse to allow them to alter the documents that our country was founded upon. From another viewpoint, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell( syndicated columnists who happen to be black)have succinctly pointed out that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have survived by pandering their race. They point out that these two are nothing more than bigots who enjoy selling the 'race card' and in so doing have set the civil rights movement back. They also point out a phenomonen that the mainstream media refuses to address. Young EDUCATED black people are, much to the surprise of everyone, being attracted more to conservative values than the liberal welfare state being pushed by the neoliberal wing of the Democratic Party. In fact, these same people tend to segregate themselves from living or associating with people of that radical fringe. Who'd have ever thought 30 years ago that blacks would relish segregating themselves? When they do, however, they find better, stronger relationships with white conservatives.

Now, I'm not fool enough to forcast that the Republicans will EVER assuage the Democrats ideals or that any "healing" will take place. The rabid Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and a few others are still raging over how "stupid" Americans were in re-electing the President. They don't understand that they actually LOST SEATS IN CONGRESS this election because of those ideas. The LAST thing I'd ever gloat over was ONE PARTY CONTROLLING BOTH HOUSE AND SENATE while that same party has one of theirs in the White House. In once sense, I could gloat like Cecil said, but pragmatically, it eliminates "moderation" of ideas and ideals. The Democratic Pary as we know it will likely implode in the next four years. The radical "fringe" like Stevie, will control the name, but "centrist" Democrats are going to pull away and likely form a viable third party unless they can rid themselves of the neoliberals.


This response submitted by Steve on 11/9/04 at 10:43 AM. ( )

I certainly not even close to the fringe. First off, Im a registered republican. I have been since I was able to vote. Im also a gun owner and I hunt. Those 3 things alone should tell you in hardly the "fringe of ultra-liberals". Im just disgusted with what is going on in this administrtion. bush is not a republican. He is a religious zealot who is spending our future away,and selling out our country to big business. He is not working in the best interest of the people. Real republicans want smaller government, they want financial responsibility, not record breaking deficits that dont seem to be slowing down anytime soon. They are for states rights amd less intervention from the feds. Thats what real republicans want. So dont go and try to say im something that I am not.

Then I'll apologize

This response submitted by George on 11/9/04 at 4:43 PM. ( )

Two out of three ain't bad even though I'd never agree with your synopsis of the state of nation affairs. We could likely argue that for our lifetimes and still never agree with the facts we provided each other. I, too, share most of your beliefs and NONE of them fall over the party line into the Democrats. I also understand that the American world is so much different today than it was just 4 short years ago thanx to 9/11. A wise man once told me that people who spend too much time worrying about the future seldom live long enough to see it. That might be appropriate for this particular case.

The political banter on this site destroyed a lot of friendships needlessly. I know I said some harsh things out of frustration that I regret, but at that moment, it's just how I felt. That moment has passed and I'd like to see the bloodletting go along with it. (Mellonhead might take a bit longer than most, however.)

Hey Steve

This response submitted by Paul I on 11/9/04 at 8:22 PM. ( )

Steve the one thing about George is he does not sucker punch or kick a man when he is down.Threw all the political posts George just tossed it back.Thats why he has my respect and many others.Alot of younger guys and gals could learn alot from a man like this.

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This response submitted by Buddy on 12/1/04 at 4:15 PM. ( ZL1Buddy@Aol.Com )

Please Teach Me To Hack

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