George should be banned from this site

Submitted by up north on 11/9/04 at 8:42 AM. ( )

George is way to negative for this site and he should be banned
I believe there are many kids that would also like to see him banned
for at least a couple days!

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George is very helpful.

This response submitted by Todd B on 11/9/04 at 8:56 AM. ( )

He has given alot of free advice here on the site. He is not the one who started the political crap. Which makes alot of us bitter and negative. He cannot help it if he has a low tolerance for stupid people.

Please Stay 'Up North!'

This response submitted by Li Li on 11/9/04 at 9:13 AM. ( )

George stands for what makes our Country so Great! I wish there were a lot more Georges in our Country. Unfortunately, they are a dying breed! It sure would be nice if the far Leftists migrated northward across the border! Got Bless America! God Bless 'W!' LiLi

Banned from this site? For what? Honest, well-founded, educated opinions don't equate to Negativity! Too bad more kids can't be exposed to George! IMO he's one of this site's finest...


This response submitted by DaveT on 11/9/04 at 9:35 AM. ( )

And just what exactly do you contribute? I don't recall you adding much to this site except posts like above. George has been here long before most of the folks posting here. My guess is he will remain here long after most have gone. Wouldn't want it any other way. Same for Cecil.



This response submitted by coyote on 11/9/04 at 10:32 AM. ( )

Why don't you just worry about marrying your internet bride. And what do you do to contrubute to this site. (NOTHING!) Go find another site that will except moron's. Because there you'll fit right in.


yes please

This response submitted by Alex on 11/9/04 at 10:58 AM. ( )

Up north go further North and shut up, George is a permanent fixture here. you go he stays.

Well Up North

This response submitted by Evelyn on 11/9/04 at 11:36 AM. ( )

If we ban George from this site we also would ban a lot of good information and a heap of knowledge. George is a big contributor to this site. Now on the other hand, if we ban you then this site is better off. You have nothing contributed so far at all except bitching and groaning and moaning.

ban George...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/9/04 at 12:18 PM. ( )

...and I go with him. Now, to some, that might be a great package deal! This site started with George and I suspect will end someday, with George. If the thin skins run him off, I go too. Anyone else with me?

No Banning !

This response submitted by Loop on 11/9/04 at 12:49 PM. ( )

Im with Ya Bill ! Shouldent be anyone trying to run anyone off. I agree, what kind of thin skinned weasel would want to run someone off because of a difference of opinion.
Ive been here a short time but I find this to be a fun and interesting site. And, Ive learned that I dont have to be so set in my ways. This includes my political views as well as my taxidermy skills.
Ive come to enjoy everyone here, ( Junipera is a possible exception ).
But even Juni has value. Im convinced that shes living proof that Im not the dumbest person in the world !
Givin that, I sure dont want her to go away!
Thanks Juni, Ya do wonders for my self esteem.

Everyone has an opinion

This response submitted by Tom on 11/9/04 at 1:22 PM. ( )

This site is here for EVERYONE good, bad or other wise. How could you possibly think that someone could be banned? Unfortunatly even your sorry ass has a right to be here. George is my kind of guy. He tells it like it is I might not agree with everything he says, but that is his opinion and I respect that. Go somewhere else if you think the way you do bonehead!

Sissy boys say ban George.

This response submitted by John C on 11/9/04 at 1:31 PM. ( )

Yep I would go with Bill and George!

UPNORTH, since you are being a coward and not using your real name,


If you have something to say use your name and maybe just maybe someone will help you someday, oh shi-thead when you can contribute something POSITIVE post again.

George has forgotten more than most of us will ever know

This response submitted by jim Burnside on 11/9/04 at 2:00 PM. ( )

George has probably forgotten more about Taxidermy than you and alot of us will ever know . The thing that I have always liked about George is that he is to the point and tells it like it is .
I admire George and even though I have been a Taxidermist myself for several years , I have learned from many of his tips and alot of times I will say to myself " Why didn't I think of that " ?
So my advise to you if you ever have a chance of making it as a Taxidermist you had best listen instead of complain ... Jim Burnside

Yeah I'm with you Bill

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/9/04 at 2:24 PM. ( )

You an George are banned and I stay! Sounds like a good deal to me! LOL

even tho...

This response submitted by Bill Dishman on 11/9/04 at 2:42 PM. ( )

i may not always agree with everything George has to say, i am getting to where i can almost predict his answers in advance and look forward to his off the wall comments. hes like this big brother or uncle to everyone on here and like his answers or not, your gonna get em - no punches pulled. keep on keepin on George!

George welcome to the elite of the elite!

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/9/04 at 4:52 PM. ( )

I just realized you are now part of the "You should be banned club." Welcome aboard! But I was there first! LOL

As long as George doesn't mess with my threads

This response submitted by up north on 11/9/04 at 5:18 PM. ( )

You americans ain't the only taxidermist you know
I've done taxidermy a long time myself never got rich at it thou just a little spending money

N w "Up North" let me get this straight

This response submitted by Cecil on 11/9/04 at 5:24 PM. ( )

You are telling George in no uncertain terms "As long as George doesn't mess with my threads." Or what? What are you going to do? You're not the moderator you know. Could you elaborate please? LMAO


This response submitted by ChipD. on 11/9/04 at 5:38 PM. ( )

(I capitalized the above because I realize that people like you are hard of hearing when it comes to good advise). George is a wealth of knowledge I have never had an reason to ask George a question because when I use the SEARCH BUTTON, I find that George and the rest of the Guys and Gals that have been doing this alot longer than I, have already answered that same question in the Archives. So leave the more knowlegable people alone. If you don't like a person on here just don't read what they have to say. People like you remind me of the old guy that went to the Doctor and said, Eveytime I hit my finger with the hammer it hurts,what do I do Doc? The doctor replied, Don't hit your finger. If you it upsets you to read what a person writes, DON'T READ IT !

i dont know gearge personaly

This response submitted by charles on 11/9/04 at 7:04 PM. ( )

I dont know George personaly and i havent been coming to this site very long but im like Bill Yox if George goes i go. George gives great advice if you dont like shove it he was probably a taxidermist when most of us was still in diapers so you better just enjoy the knowlege he shares with us and thank him for it instead of talking s*** about him.I like people that are strait foward and not afraid to tell you the way it is go get em George.

Down the road I go!

This response submitted by JL on 11/9/04 at 7:37 PM. ( )

I'm one of the taxidermists in this business that's been in it longer than George, made more mistakes than George, is more of a rebel than George,simply don't answer as many stupid questions as George, but sometimes I do answer them just for the fun of it.If Goerge goes so do I!In which case you stupid people up north with your stupid attitude and stupid questions will have look them up in some stupid book written just for stupid people like you Good luck..JL

How old are you?

This response submitted by Paul I on 11/9/04 at 8:06 PM. ( )

Las in case you did not notice George,Bill, John and even Cecil and many others are the site.You should now that by now.Because your young and a little foolish with your answers and questions at times no need to hold a grudge.Take a few seconds longer to ask a question or to give a response.Besides no one can beat the Job Ken does running this site.


This response submitted by wilson on 11/9/04 at 8:30 PM. ( )

Once a year, George does ban himsilf from this site; this year it was for about 14 days, i heard, this year he was up north looking for moose or bear or maybe it was Las's [what ever they are]in any case use that time to be George free.


This response submitted by Joe SC on 11/9/04 at 9:00 PM. ( )

I have a great idea for a BAN I say that everyone from this site ban answering or posting anything from this Jerk "up north" and maybe just maybe he'll get bored and go somewhere else!

and you guys wanted to give up politics for this ?

This response submitted by b bishop/ Republican on 11/9/04 at 10:03 PM. ( )

LMAO ! BACK TO THE SAME OLD SAME OLD . how about a DP vs tanning debate or a what should I charge debate or a quality over quantity debate. At least the politics was refreshing from that !

I'm gonna be sick

This response submitted by Ted on 11/9/04 at 10:07 PM. ( )

If my IP search engine is correct this a**hole is from the same province as me! If he is and he's only doing taxidermy for spending money odds are he ain't that good! I know who the really good taxi's are in my province and I'm bettin he ain't one of them!


b bishop

This response submitted by Ron on 11/9/04 at 11:37 PM. ( )

Hey republican, i'm with you. Politics is sounding good now. I just thought I was tired of it. We had one year of politics now we are back to three more years of "I hate George post". Hell, I've come to like him too much to keep telling him what an ass whole he is anymore. So there goes all my fun! Whats left for guys like me and you.
Hey Cecil; say something to piss me off...PLEASE!

up yours up north

This response submitted by Terry on 11/9/04 at 11:44 PM. ( )

Short and sweet, UP YOURS UP NORTH

have you lost your mind?

This response submitted by rx on 11/10/04 at 10:46 AM. ( )

ban george? thats like throwing out a set of encylopedias. maybe you dont want to read them but i do.


This response submitted by concerned private citizen of taxidermists Jason on 11/10/04 at 1:58 PM. ( (not working right now) but )

Everybody now!'s the words to the song..
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya

Someone's singing Lord, kumbaya
Someone's singing Lord, kumbaya
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Oh Lord, kumbayah

Someone's laughing, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's laughing, Lord, kumbaya
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Someone's crying, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's crying, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's crying, Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya

Someone's praying, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's praying, Lord, kumbaya
I'm with Bill and the team, George should stay!* (sung by Bruce Sprengenstein)

(soft background levels now)Someone's praying, Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya
*TV contributes way more bad morals to kids than George ever could Up North!
Someone's sleeping, Lord, kumbaya
Someone's sleeping, Lord, kumbaya
*Tom said it right, This site is here for EVERYONE good, bad or otherwise
Someone's sleeping, Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbayahaaaAaaaaAaaaayeahhh

Next week, we will be starting a hot new reality gameshow where we have to choose who will stay and who will go, but the catch is other popular contestants will go when certain contestants get cast off the island. It will be hosted by infamous Cecil and George and feature behind the scenes footage with every episode. Don't miss a surviving moment, 7pm CST Wednesdays on FAX.

I wish you all a great day!

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