Research Mannikins AND Quality Taxidermy Supply VIRUS info

Submitted by Glen Conley on 11/9/04 at 11:46 AM. ( temporarily unavailable )

If you have Research Mannikins AND Quality Taxidermy Supply in your e-mail address book, you may well be the owner of a computer that is spoofing an e-mail address and sending out a virus attachment.

The virus is taking an address from your list and sending out e-mails that will show up as being from that address on the FROM line.

I forward the e-mails that come in to the Quality Taxidermy Supply website e-mail account to Tammy Lipscomb. I set it up that way for security purposes.

I checked the account earlier and found a virus attachment "FROM" Research Mannikins. I couldn't help but start laughing. Ronica Castro is Research's computer guru, and I really had to fight back the urge to call her up and give her a hard time. She is one cool lady.

The Quality Taxidermy Supply website is a really new site. A lot of the traffic generated to that site has came off of the links that are courtesy of Ken Edwards and WASCO. Search engines are just starting to pick the site up, so that really narrows down the playing field as to who is the owner of the computer. Odds are good it is someone here on the Forums.

Each time I make one of these posts, we always get a computer or two "cleaned up".

I have a FREE virus scan set up on I would suggest if you have the two e-mail addresses in your address book that you hook up, and click Auto Clean when that option appears.

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