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Submitted by Adam on 11/10/04 at 11:14 PM. ( )

I have been a hunter and fisherman since I was a litte kid and so when I was given the task to write a paper on a subject having to do with science and art I came up with taxidermy. If anyone knows some good books dealing with the art of taxidermy or scientific aspects of it I would appreciate a push in the right direction. So far I have thought about going through the history of taxidermy and the basics of how it is done. I am also considering talking about famous mounts or famous taxidermists and contests for taxidermists. I myself dont know too much about taxidermy even though I have a few fish hanging on my wall, so any and all information is appreciated.

Thanks guys

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those two lines of blue words under forums

This response submitted by John C on 11/10/04 at 11:30 PM. ( )

There is a lot of info right there, so look up and click.

Check your local library...

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they would have a "Standard" book to start with; do google search.
History-start with ancient Egypt
Famous mounts- the St Bernard Dog, at the museum in Berne Switzerland (can't think of his name).
Of course one of the patron saints of American Taxidermy, Theodore Roosevelt, and his family's connection to the Museum of Natural History in NYC.
...for starts.

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